40 Small But Bold Face Tattoos

Michele Zipp | Sep 26, 2018 Beauty & Style
40 Small But Bold Face Tattoos

face tattoo

There once was a time when face tattoos weren't anything that anyone would get if they wanted any kind of job or keep a promise of being gainfully employed. Thankfully, that has changed. (Mostly. Depending.) Regardless of the societal norms, the art of tattooing has changed as well. There is truly so much artistic talent in the craft, and artists of varied backgrounds and styles are intriguing the masses with intricate designs in elegant ink. This is our celebration of face tattoos -- while they may be small, they are still mighty.

This collection has face tattoos that even mom will call "cute" and there are still designs that are bold and powerful. In fact, every face tattoo, no matter how small, can make a bold statement.

Now just because Kendall Jenner has a face tattoo (questionable if it counts as it's actually on the inside of her bottom lip) and even Justin Bieber has a tiny cross tattooed near his eye, this doesn't mean this is some sort of trend in a negative way. As with all tattoos, it's about design, it's about execution, it's about precision, and it's about a personal style that a person wishes to exude. Personal style really shines through when admiring these tattoos. 

Also, when looking through these images, it's clear that these tattoos are quite lovely, each in their own way, and reflecting individual styles and looks. Some are barely noticeable, peeking out from under hairlines or can even be mistaken as a mole or freckle from far away. Others are big on impact, showcasing the beauty of blooms and mandalas, and leaves and moons, that will make even face tattoo nay-sayers second guessing their position.

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