Curvy Blogger Epically Calls Out Popular Retailers for Their 'Largest' Sizes


Katie Sturino

As a plus-size woman who  most often wears a size 16, I know what it's like to walk into a popular retailer that many of my friends love, find a super cute dress, and then not be able to squeeze my butt into it, even though I've picked up the largest size they carry. It can be extremely difficult for a plus-size woman to find trendy clothes that fit well, especially for an affordable price. And that's exactly why one blogger has started an Instagram movement that is urging stores to do better. 

  • Plus-size blogger Katie Sturino started blogging in 2015 after noticing there was a lack of fashion inspiration online for curvier women. 

    Her blog The 12ish Style has a mission to "introduce girls like her who wear sizes 12-18 to fashion forward brands across extended and plus sizes." 

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  • In addition to her blog, Katie's Instagram uses the hashtag #MakeMySize to call out brands for their lack of size inclusiveness. 

    In a post taken in the fitting room of Club Monocao, Katie captures herself in the largest sizes offered in the store. "I want to wear the cute skirt and houndstooth pants!" Katie wrote. "@clubmonaco, your store is lovely and I want to wear about 80% of its contents so please #makemysize." 

  • Katie has done similar posts for retailers such as Zara, Alice + Olivia, and Aritzia. 

    In her post to Zara, Katie explained how the retailer has been making her feel bad about herself in the fitting room for a long time. She wrote: 

    "@zara is at the top of the #MakeMySize list bc they have been making me feel bad in the fitting room for years. In fact, I stopped even trying about 6 years ago. Went in today, same deal. This is an XL and I can’t get my arms down let alone try to close the front." 

  • "I love this leopard wrap dress and I’d love to wear it in my size," she wrote. "Let’s let designers know we want to wear their clothes too."

    It's really a shame that women bigger than a size 10 aren't able to find clothes at some of the biggest fast fashion retailers -- even in 2018! 

    Some retailers that Katie has recommended to her fellow plus-size babes include Zac Posen, Brandon Maxwell, Mara Hoffman, City Chic USA., J.Crew, ModCloth, Nordstrom, Loft, and Stitch Fix. 

  • It's really amazing that Katie and other bloggers are taking a stand, and we hope that movements like this encourage retailers to broaden their sizes. 

    No matter what your size is, we should all be able to wear clothes that are stylish and make us feel good! 

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