20 Nail Colors to Rock this Fall & Winter

20 Nail Colors to Rock this Fall & Winter

Matte teal polish

Getting a manicure is one of life's little luxuries that I feel really makes a difference. When I’m at the salon getting my nails done, I feel like a queen. Having a few minutes to myself to just sit and not do anything and just relax is a rarity these days. I value those moments. Even if I don’t have the funds or time to go to the salon for a manicure, grabbing a bottle of nail polish and doing my own nails is just as therapeutic. 

Moms really need that time to themselves to pamper themselves and relax. All humans do, actually. But all too often, it's mothers who end up neglecting themselves for the needs of others. Before I had my daughter, I was always a selfless person (at least in my opinion), but I at least would take time to go the salon, or do my own nails. I'd get excited about what my next color would be, even before my current manicure had run its course. Maybe thinking about all the color possibilities can help other moms regain their excitement for giving their nails a little TLC.

When shopping for nail colors, whether at the salon, in a store, or online, it seems like there are millions of colors to choose from. Personally, I’ve always been the type to wear a darker polish year-round -- I don’t really venture beyond a certain color palette. If it’s not iridescent, black, or close to black, I won't give it a second glance. Hence why writing and researching ideas for this article was so exciting for me. In fall and winter, not only nail colors, but clothing, bags, accessories, makeup -- everything in general starts to take a darker, richer, and more luxurious turn. Goodbye to the neons and sunshine bright colors, hello to super saturated jewel tones.

For those who are partial to more vibrant, eye-catching colors, or even to neutral tones, don't be alarmed. There are some stunning darker neutral and colorful shades within the fall color palette. Hopefully this list of colors will provide some inspiration, and get us all excited for our next nail appointment.

  • Black 


    There's nothing like a gorgeous black manicure. This is my year-round go to, and for the dark winter months, it's so fitting.

  • Burgundy


    When I think about the change that my look and wardrobe will make for the cold season, burgundy is the first thing I visualize. Wearing lots of wine colors all over my lips and nails is one of my favorite ways to embrace the season.

  • Duochrome Gold and Magenta


    Metallic and duochrome polishes aren't everyone's favorites (they're mine, though). But they're just so fun! This duochrome shade, to me, is what would happen if fall's favorite colors jumped into a blender.

  • Bright Red


    Bright red is a go-to for some, no matter the time of year. But given that tartan and plaids (which usually have at least a red stripe) are the fall uniform, this time of year is the best time for this stunning shade.

  • Pumpkin Spice


    Orange is such a bright color, and we see it everywhere during the fall. In winter vegetables, on the trees, and fall's iconic item: pumpkin. Why not take it a step further and have pumpkin-colored nails?

  • Mustard Yellow


    Yellow is one of my least favorite colors, unless its a neon or this shade. This shade is so smooth and serious. Its super similar to two colors that used to be my favorites, brown and green.

  • Metallic Dark Green


    This metallic dark green is so deep and enchanting. Described as a "black gold shimmer," this is an unexpected way to go dark and yet still coordinate with all the classic fall colors.

  • Forest Green


    This lusciously deep forest green will look great with every outfit. Complementary to all fall colors (burgundy, mustard, pumpkin), these months are the greatest time to wear it. 

  • Mossy Green


    Deep, mossy green is a great alternative to black. Not until one looks really closely, is the greenish tone noticeable. Try a matte top coat, like this picture shows, for an even deeper hue.

  • Glittery Frost Blue


    This frosty blue manicure makes me so happy. It's probably the glitter. This color definitely puts me in the mindset of winter, with the silver glitter that looks like snow, and the icy bright blue that we often associate with cold. 

  • Smoky Gray Blue


    This smokey grayish blue is such a great color to build a look off of. I'm imagining this color peeking out of the oversized sleeves of a dark gray knit sweater or cardigan.

  • Royal Purple


    If purple is the color of royalty, then this is definitely the shade that royalty would choose. The perfect intersection of cool and warm, this bright is perfect for our inner queen.

  • Eggplant Purple


    L'Oreal calls this shade "Pinot Purple," as its dark enough to be noir, but took a few steps back. As a lover of all dark shades, this eggplant shade is a color after my own heart.

  • Mauve


    This color is the shade one would have to travel through (if we could walk through the color wheel) to get from purple to brown. It's right there in the middle, and has that cool but also warm taupey brown undertone. It makes me want to grab a cup of tea.

  • Charcoal Gray


    A charcoal gray can complement almost any color on the cooler side of the color spectrum. Rock this on a week when feeling blue, purple, or even in the mood to wear neutrals. Grays and nudes are all on trend this year. 

  • Taupe


    Taupe is a great color. In the neutral and nude family, it literally goes with everything. 

  • Milk Chocolate


    Be careful when wearing this color, it might make a mom have a chocolate craving. The perfect shade of milk chocolate, it'll make us feel warm and cozy all over. 

  • Metallic Dark Brown


    This color is also pretty chocolatey to me, but it's more of a cooler tone. With a metallic finish, and deeper, cooler undertone, this shade is quite elegant.

  • Dark Navy 


    Navy blue is a color that, like burgundy, just makes me feel so good inside. Its so beautiful and looks great with yellow and red, but also with colors like purple and green. Luxurious shades like gold and silver fuse perfectly with this shade. 

  • White


    They say white after summer is taboo and inappropriate, but I honestly feel there's no better time to wear it. White in general is just a great color (or lack thereof if you want to get scientific), no matter the time of year. I love a good white fur scarf or stole, or a pair of bright white mittens. 

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