20 Very Short 'Pixie' Cuts That Make a Big Chop Worth It

20 Very Short 'Pixie' Cuts That Make a Big Chop Worth It


Most of my life, I’ve spent wanting long, luscious hair or trying to maintain length. I’ve always had thick, wildly curly and coily hair of my own. But it wasn’t the hair I was used to seeing and definitely wasn’t the hair I wanted. My mom’s hair grew in a slightly wavy texture and hung all the way down her back. As for me, no matter the actual length, my hair would just shrink up in its natural state. Although pressing and chemical processing gave me straight hair, it would soon break off. I didn’t know how to really take care of hair back then. 

Learning how to maintain one’s hair doesn’t always come easy, especially when trying to make it look a way it doesn’t naturally, such as making curly hair stay straight or making straight hair curly. 

Getting the desired look often requires a lot of damaging heat and color on hair -- which I’m not saying are wrong -- and the hair just starts going crazy. How much easier it would be, if we weren’t worrying about length and could just have fun with our hair!

That’s the beauty of a short hair cut. There’s no need to worry if hair is going to fall out, because there isn’t much there anyway. Pixies and other short styles are great for the warm weather as well, when long hair feels too hot and sweaty. They’re also great for those with busy schedules and who need something simple, that we can just wash or style quickly, and go. Maybe, we’re just bored with what our hair is doing right now. Whatever the reasoning, there's no time like the present to make a short and bold hair style choice. 

Before diving into a big chop head-first, we must find a style that makes us more excited than the thought of keeping our hair long. Here’s  a collection of very short cuts and pixies that will give moms that extra oomph they’re looking for.

  • Swoop Bang


    Short hair can definitely still be soft and feminine. This swoop bang style frames the face so perfectly and gives such a soft overall look. 

  • Sideswept Bang


    This pixie is so beautiful, with its meticulously cut edges. The sideswept bang sort of reminds me of Justin Bieber’s iconic hair when he first hit the music scene.

  • Simple Assymetrical Cut


    Assymetrical haircuts are my favorite. Sometimes, it’s so hard to decide between lengths, so it’s cool that one can have both. One side can be super edgy and short, while the other still has a enough hair one can make it to a bundle of gorgeous curls or keep straight and tuck behind the ear.

  • Choppy Bang


    This pixie has so much texture. The bang in the front has been cut so artistically, replicating this after leaving the salon will be a challenge, I’m sure. 

  • Tapered Neck Pixie with Swoop 


    Immediately, this pitch-black color caught my attention. Giving a little more volume, the back of this pixie is tapered instead of shaved. 

  • Pixie With Line


    This cut is super short on length, but it's not short on creativity. It has a skillfully curled top and the lines on both sides bring in more texture.

  • Rounded Pixie


    This pixie is really perfect for a person with a round face like the model here. Although cut very close to the head, it mimics the style of a bob; see the cut in motion here

  • Layered Pixie Cut


    This cut has a little more volume than most. The mixture of layers and highlights screams “I’m a hip mom!”

  • Pompadour Pixie


    Completely different from the others, this style doesn’t rely on bangs to complement the face. Instead the entire face and forehead is on display, for a more editorial look! Try this ombré color too, for a super bold look. 

  • Mohawk-Inspired Cut


    For a rock 'n' roll look, try this mohawk-inspired pixie. The flipped bang in the front, adds so much panache to the look.

  • Mushroom Pixie


    I like to call this cut the modern mushroom cut, because the top is full and rounded, like a little umbrella over the smaller bottom. Just like a mushroom -- a smoking hot one.

  • Faded Assymetrical


    Bring back the roaring '20s with this modern take on finger waves! These waves can be achieved on all lengths, but look best on ultra-short hair.

  • Mohawk with Tail


    This style takes a walk on the wild side by not only adding a blond patch of color in the front, but also in extending the back into a rat tail. Rock on!

  • Blunt Bang


    Instead of the ever-popular long bang or choppy bang, this pixie takes a mod turn. The highlight of this cut is the thin, blunt-cut strip of bangs that lies just below a bountiful pouf of layers.

  • Curly Cut


    Show off luxurious natural curls with extra-short cut. A head full of long, bouncy curls is great, but a short style can really showcase the beauty of each curl's pattern.

  • Choppy Cut With Linear Undercut


    This two-toned cut is giving me so much life! There are so many different artistic elements incorporated, I don't know where to look.

  • Shag Bang


    Super short cut with shaggy bang that could double as a sideswept bang with enough brushing. I love how the bang line grazes her eye line ever so delicately and showcases her eye color.

  • Triangle Neckline 


    Spice up any short cut with a creative neckline. This facedown triangle shape makes for a captivating side profile.

  • Scissor Over With Undercut


    Tuan of H2O Salon in Utah calls this look a “scissor over with lined undercut.” This look is not for the faint of heart!

  • Classic Pixie


    Forget the bells and whistles. This  simple, layered cut accomplished the job of revitalizing a head full of tired hair. 

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