20 Rainbow Nail Art Designs For Colorful Souls

20 Rainbow Nail Art Designs For Colorful Souls

As a little girl, the rainbow was my first favorite color. Yes, all the colors in and of themselves were great, but the way that all the colors looked together in their gradient is what really made me so happy. Of course, when I was forced to pick one, I chose pink. Over the years, my favorite colors have evolved, but my love for the rainbow and all things related have not. My inner child forces me to stare up at the sky after it rains and marvel. She stops me in my tracks every time i see a colored ray of light reflecting off of a prismatic piece of glass. And if I even think about walking over an iridescent road slick I see on the street, my day is ruined. We don't see these things every day, but these little bits of delight really can bring a sparkle and joy to even the darkest, dreariest of days. 

For moms, with all the ripping and running we do on a daily basis, sometimes we miss out on some of life's moments of joy. Even, those who aren't moms, but who may live in the inner city with high buildings and smog, might have hectic schedules that only leave them minutes of daylight to enjoy. One way I like to bring myself a little bit of amusement is through wearing fun colors or finishes on my nails. I'm partial to holographic finishes and glitters, but I also love a good rich black or burgundy. In addition to just being a good act of self-care, doing one's nails in a fun design, like these rainbow-inspired ones, can add a little pep to the step and a little reminder of the innocence and marvel of childhood. A time where even the smallest things made us the happiest. Let's take a look at some inspiration for colorful manicures.

  • Black Manicure With Neon Dots


    For those who love a black manicure, here's the perfect, somber way to incorporate a rainbow as part of a manicure. If having the dots on all the nails is a little much, then just go with the design on one finger, and then the rest can remain black.

  • Ethereal Rainbow Design


    What a beautiful color palette. This rainbow design looks gorgeous paired with the cotton candy pink background.

  • Sunset Rainbow


    This little section of the rainbow only features a few colors but is just as beautiful. Like the ever-so-calming and awe-inspiring sunset before dusk, this vibrant design will leave all speechless. 

  • Striped Rainbow Nail


    This design is so meticulously executed, it looks like it would take a while to get right. But having the one nail with the rainbow and the rest of the designs as neutral makes it super subtle and understated. A cute look for the corporate worker.

  • Rainbow With Script


    This rainbow design incorporates a couple of creative elements. First, the gradient of the rainbow is spread across all the fingers, instead of just one or one on each finger. Second, ever-so-lightly, a scripted word is written across all the nails. This is the work of a true artist.  

  • Dripping & Polka Dot Rainbows


    Speaking of art, this design takes the skill level up about 10 notches. The rainbow-colored polka dots and dripping paint have been meticulously alternated across each hand. 

  • Bold Rainbow With Jewels


    Bold, bright shades of blue, green, red and pink are used to create this vibrant rainbow design. As if the power of these shades were enough, tiny little jewels decorate the edge of the nail bed. Yet, these elements work together seamlessly, for a truly eye-catching masterpiece. 

  • Pastel Rainbow


    There are so many color palettes one can make with different sections of the rainbow. This grouping of colors are all pastels, which basically consists of colors that have been whitened a little bit. I'd wear this one in a heartbeat, its so light and dainty. 

  • Marbled Rainbow Design


    Who doesn't love a good tie-dye design? This gorgeously scalloped rainbow was made with a technique called water marbling, where a design is created in water with the polish first. After, the nail is dipped into the polish, hopefully picking up the pattern.

  • Rainbows With Clouds


    Has anyone seen clouds right on the end of rainbows? Better yet, has anyone ever found the edge of the rainbow? At any rate, these miniature rainbows are topped with adorable miniature clouds. The nail bed was left clear, letting the design take center stage.

  • Fruity Rainbow


    A rainbow of ombre designs and fruity colors makeup this nail art. Every finger looks like a fruit of some sort: lime, lemon, orange, berries. Such fitting colors for such a mouthwatering creation.

  • Sorbet Rainbow


    Everyone loves rainbow sorbet! Full of soft fruity flavors, perfect for summer. A dessert worthy of an artistic tribute, like this one. 

  • Holographic Rainbow


    The very first time I saw holographic nails, I wanted them on my hands immediately. The iridescent finish is full of reflective little prisms, resulting in metallic little rainbows on every finger. Even now, I cant stop staring at this set. 

  • Linear Rainbow


    The artist who created this design entitled it the "Peek-A-Rainbow." It is such a cool concept, letting the rainbow designs just peek through the the black overlay. This adds an edgy, modern vibe to an element is normally considered girly and childlike. 

  • Tie-Dye Rainbow


    Using pastel shades from every section of the rainbow, this design has created mesmerizing swirl designs on each finger. The technique also resembles tie-dye, with the little watercolor-like strokes that make up each line. 

  • Glittery Pastel Rainbow


    Here we have another rainbow design that didn't make the colors the focal point. In addition to a soft gradient of yellow, pink, blue and purple, a glitter overlay and silver embellishments make for a stunning, one-of-a-kind nail design. I'd love to wear this to an event as a complement to an elegant gown.

  • Glitter Rainbow


    This nail design is just so glittery! I love it. Every inch of this design looks glittery, because actual glitters were used to create this design, not polish with glitter in it. 

  • Dark Holographic Rainbows


    Another holographic rainbow set, but this time its on a dark base. The base and the type of powder used to create the holographic effect actually creates a significant difference. The base of this one is black, and on one of the nails, a spider design was created under or over the glitter layer. This effect is a great touch to the spiderweb design, reminiscent of the actual dew drops that rest on spiderwebs photographed in macro. 

  • Opalescent Rainbow


    These beautiful iridescent nails remind me of some of my favorite things: mother of pearl, my daughter's barrettes, opals, and other beautiful things. This opalescent finish on a while lacquer is a fresh take on the rainbow.

  • Chevron Rainbows


    This rainbow effect has been paired with a cute pattern, probably created with a stencil. Designs like this take longer to create, and to dry, but for a nail lover, it's worth it. 

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