40 Small Best Friend Tattoos for Soul Sisters to Get Right Now

Kathleen Wong | Nov 14, 2019 Beauty & Style
40 Small Best Friend Tattoos for Soul Sisters to Get Right Now

Elephant tattoos

Ain't no relationship like the one forged with a sister from another mister, right? Best friends are like sisters we had to come across in life -- and trust us, they're worth the wait. Hopefully, every woman has a best friend who just gets her. They are there when others aren't, they're who we tell all our (sometimes embarrassing) secrets to, and they know we have their backs, no matter what, as well. We have so many memories with our best friend because they've been with us through thick and thin. And many times, that bond carries us through the darkest of times. So what better way to commemorate our special, one-of-a-kind BFF relationship than with tiny and adorable tattoos

When it comes to BFF tattoos, we think the smaller, the better. Small tattoos are perfect for the person who wants something subtle but still wants to give into their tattoo indulgence. Tiny BFF tattoos can be easily hidden, so it's like our friendship is always with us even if it's not always showing -- like one of the many secrets between us and our best friend. Best friend tattoos don't have to be flashy if that's not someone's style, and their small size doesn't mean they're neither intricate nor bold! 

We scoured the internet to find 40 small and stunning friendship tattoos that are most definitely #friendshipgoals. These tats will tempt anyone to take their friendship to the next level. Best friends are supposed to be there for life -- make that truth tangible with some permanent ink. 

Move over, friendship necklaces. Here are 40 small BFF tattoos perfect for any Romy and Michele duo.

  • Sun & Moon Tattoos


    These BFF tattoos may be simple in design but they hold a lot of meaning! Maybe we're total opposites from our bestie or maybe we feel like we complete each other in some larger-than-the-universe kind of way. Whatever it is, we're big fans of these adorable BFF tats. 

  • Lotus Tattoos


    How stunning are these small yet highly detailed lotus and Unalome tattoos? Our best friends help us push through even the hardest of times, just like how the lotus flower blossoms in the dirtiest of waters.

  • Hugging BFFs Tattoos


    Sometimes our tattoos should just be literal interpretations of whatever we're trying to say, like these matching BFF tats. The love these two share is super evident in this emotional and heartfelt piece. Plus, how pretty is that simple but striking linework? 

  • Weather-Inspired Tattoos


    These BFF tattoos are more complementary than matching, and we love how the different weather represents each bestie. It makes sure that each person's nature stands out, and that no matter what the weather these BFFs are going to stick together. 

  • Music Note Tattoos


    Best friends don't have to go big or go home when it comes to tattoos. Ink should be personal and each tattooed person should feel comfortable. These simple yet adorable BFF tattoos are perfect for music-loving besties! We love how they have the same placement, too.

  • Galaxy Yin & Yang Tattoos


    Placement doesn't have to be matchy-matchy. After all, both of you need to be happy with where it will live forever. The yin and yang symbol is perfect for the harmony that comes with two best friends -- the galaxy pattern is a pretty upgrade!

  • Wave Tattoos


    Best friend tattoos don't have to be over the top to have an impact. A simple wave is perfect for the ocean-loving BFFs. We think it's a great choice for those besties who love hitting the beach. 

  • Dinosaur Tattoos


    There is nothing cuter than this trio of dinosaur tattoos! We love how each bestie has a different dinosaur, giving the tattoos a distinctive feel. It's also perfect inspiration for best friends on the hunt for a theme. It could be any beloved animal, creature, or pop culture reference. 

  • Lightning Bolt Tattoos


    These BFF tattoos are literally striking! We adore how their design is so simple yet they're still bold. The placement is dicey because of the natural wear-and-tear finger tattoos endure, but overall it is just an adorable idea. 

  • Geometric Tattoos


    Who says the tattoo has to be an actual symbol or shape? Take a cue from these adorable geometric BFF tattoos. Geometric tattoos are majorly trendy, but this design is so innocuous it is virtually harmless. 

  • Watercolor Fish Tattoos


    Sometimes we feel like fish out of water. But when we are with our best friends, we have permission to be weird together. We are all about these swimming fish watercolor tattoos. The design is so zen and peaceful. 

  • Compass & Wine Tattoos


    We take it that these besties love traveling and wine -- what better combo is there? This tattoo perfectly encapsulates adventurous spirits and we just love the simplicity of these clean lines.  

  • Snowflake Tattoos


    Sure, every snowflake is unique, but these two "twins" have found each other!  For besties who like cozy wine nights by the fire or adventures on the slopes, this simple but gorgeous tattoo is perfect. We love the geometric linework on these. 

  • Avocado Tattoos


    Who doesn't appreciate a tasty avocado? These adorable avocado tattoos aren't just for those who love guacamole. Notice how the two halves complete each other? Aww.

  • Disney Tattoos


    Minnie would be so proud of these two BFFS! This tattoo idea is perfect for two Disney lovers. It's simple but striking and we love how each of the BFFs have their own take on these complementary tattoos.

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Tattoos


    Nothing goes together better than peanut butter and jelly, right? They make the cutest tattoos! Name a more iconic duo other than PB&J and these two besties. We'll wait... 

  • Coffee Tattoos


    Is there anything better than meeting up with a BFF over coffee to catch up? Coffee-loving BFFs will appreciate these matching tattoos. We love the little lines of steam coming from the cups. 

  • Harry Potter Tattoos


    Nothing bonds people together quite like passion for a shared interest. So Harry Potter fans, rejoice! These BFF tattoos are magical -- and oh-so pretty. It's a subtle, perfect way to pay homage to everyone's favorite wizard. 

  • Heart Tattoos


    There's nothing wrong with going back to basics. These heart tattoos are a simple and beautiful choice for BFFs! After all, besties love each other right? Why make things anymore complicated?

  • Airplane Tattoos


    Have BFF, will travel? These planes are perfect for the long-distance BFFs, or those who just love to explore the world together. The blacked out silhouettes will serve each of them as a reminder that their BFF is only a plane ride away. 

  • Rose Tattoos


    BFF tattoos don't necessarily have to mean anything, they can just be a stunning design both friends like, like these beautifully shaded roses! The placement on these is perfect -- just imagine spotting these two waking down the street, hand-in-hand, with this tattoos. 

  • Traditional Sparrow Tattoos


    These sparrows done in a traditional style are so pretty and a perfect choice for two BFFs. In case anyone missed that they are BFFs, it's written under the sparrows.

  • Delicate Floral Tattoos


    Friendships are like flowers: they bloom into a beautiful thing over time. These delicate pink floral tattoos embody femininity, making them a great choice for BFF tattoos. We love their placement, too! 

  • Infinity Arrow Tattoos


    An absolutely perfect bull's-eye in the tattoo department. In these BFF tattoos, an arrow is turned into an infinity sign, marking how eternal their friendship is. We ship that! 

  • Friends Tattoos


    "I'll be there for you" has never been a more literal statement for these besties. It doesn't get anymore on the nose than this in regards to friendship tattoos. We hope they're both fans of Friends!

  • Rocker Tattoos


    Did these two BFFs bond over rock music? We'd like to assume so, especially because friendships formed through musical tastes can be so deep. Regardless, we love how the rocker symbol is made out of a heart! 

  • Geometric Dragonfly Tattoos


    These geometric dragonflies are absolutely stunning! They represent freedom and accepting change, two things BFFs support each other in.

  • Cat Tattoos


    We take it that these two BFFs are cat lovers? When one finds another cat person, they hold onto them dearly -- there is a connection two cat lovers share that  non-cat-people just won't understand. This outline of a feline is so simple and delicate, we're obsessed. 

  • 'The Powerpuff Girls' Tattoos


    We think Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup would be so impressed by these BFF tattoos. Look how cute and small they are -- just like the superheroes themselves.

  • 'Star Wars' Tattoos


    Whether they are with the Alliance or not, finding a partner in nerdy crime is totally invaluable. With these Star Wars tattoos, we bet that these two BFFs could protect the entire galaxy! 

  • Anchor Tattoos


    Love really is the anchor that keeps us grounded, especially when it is equally shared. Do the these two loving BFFs anchor each other? We love the symbolism that these pretty and simple heart tattoos express.

  • Swinging Girl Tattoos


    These matching tattoos of a girl on a swing are so delicate and whimsical! They're perfect for two BFFs who grew up together. From the swings to the tattoo parlor, these girls have been through it all together. 

  • Space Tattoos


    These BFF tattoos are out of this world! When a friendship transcends the realms of time and space, it is worth honoring. Their designs are simple yet adorable and not over-the-top.

  • Elephant Tattoos


    Even those who aren't fans of Dumbo will appreciate these adorable elephant outline tattoos. Elephants with raised trunks are symbols of good luck, and these two are certainly lucky to have found each other. 

  • Kirby Tattoos


    Fans with some Nintendo nostalgia will adore these matching Kirby tattoos. How adorable -- it looks like they're hugging! We love the placement on this simply lined tatts. 

  • Pinky Promise Tattoos


    These pinky promise BFF tattoos are the epitome of what it means to have a best friend. We love the elegant linework. It is the perfect tattoo to embody how much we trust and love our best friends. 

  • Soul Sister Tattoos


    Make a statement by tattooing the phrase "soul sister" with a true soul sister. It will totally capture how much a pair completes each other. We love the whimsical script used in this pair.

  • Butterfly Tattoos


    How creative and beautiful are these BFF tattoos? We love the pink coloring and how the two halves complete each other, much like a real friendship should! They are perfect together and apart. 

  • Deer Antler Tattoos


    Rustic women will appreciate these nature-inspired tattoos. How gorgeous are these simple deer antler BFF tattoos? We sure hope these best friends like exploring the outdoors together.

  • Queen Tattoos


    Friends who know each other's true worth are totally invaluable. Everyone in that type of friend relationship deserves a queen tattoo! We think these BFF tattoos are simple yet brilliant. 


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