MAC Cosmetics Embraces Body Hair With a Pic That Has People Cheering


hairy lip

Despite what most of mainstream media portrays, women have body hair that grows in places that aren't their armpits or legs. Women are equally likely to sprout hairs on their fingers, their toes, and even their faces -- but taking a look at an advertisement or a magazine cover and you'd never know it. 

  • Luckily, that's finally starting to change thanks to retailers such as MAC Cosmetics. 

    The brand reposted a photos from a model who was showing off its Lip Pencil in Chestnut,  and toward the right corner of the upper lip you can see a few dark, stray lip hairs. 

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  • And women are super here for the realness. 


    Most of the comments centered on feeling "seen" and represented in the media. 

  • And quite a few women pledged their allegiance to the brand because of it. 

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  • MAC is far from the first to do this -- more and more retailers such as CVS, Lane Bryant, and Aerie aren't retouching their models' "flaws."

    cvs campaign

    Cosmopolitan UK even featured a full body cover of plus-size model Tess Holliday.

    Even though we definitely have a long what to go when it comes to representation, these strides are a welcome sign of hope.