Newly Released Disney Villain Jewelry Collection Makes Being Bad Look So Good

Disney Villain Jewelry Collection
RockLove Jewelry

We've seen countless creative ways people incorporate their love of Disney into their daily lives. For dedicated Disney lovers, baby showers, wedding proposals, and even their wardrobes feature magical touches. If you're one of those unwavering Disney fans who loves a good princess T-shirt or perhaps walks around with a Tinker Bell purse, then prepare to run for your wallet. RockLove Jewelry just released a collection of accessories inspired by three iconic Disney villains and they're serious needs.

  • The collection's pieces are inspired by 'The Little Mermaid’s' Ursula, 'Snow White’s' Evil Queen, and the Queen of Hearts from 'Alice in Wonderland.'

    Allan Amato/RockLove Jewelry

    The collection includes various fashion necklaces, rings, and earrings that any Disney fan is sure to appreciate. 

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  • Each piece ships in an intricately designed keepsake box.

  • Prices for each piece range from $35 to $300. 

    Allan Amato/RockLove Jewelry
  • RockLove wanted to make sure the campaign and the models represented female intellect, entrepreneurship, representation and body positivity.

    Allan Amato/RockLove Jewelry

    The brand partnered with models and influencers Isabel Hendrix, Kiera Please, and Anna Akana for the Villainess-themed photoshoot, which was shot by photographer Allan Amato.

  • Similarly, the Villainess jewelry is meant to emphasize diversity, confidence, and edgy fashion.

    Allan Amato/RockLove Jewelry

    According to a press release, the collection "celebrates the kind of woman who knows what she wants and doesn't apologize."

  • Being bad is sounding pretty good to us! 

    Might as well take all of our money now. 

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