back to school nails

Between August and September, back-to-school season is in full swing and it pretty much consumes our lives whether we are teachers, have kids in school, are going to school ourselves, or all of the above. From new school supplies to clothes to lunches, there is so much we need and so much to consider when gearing up for a new school year. Some of it is stressful and some of it is fun. One thing in particular that can be a little more exciting is getting a themed back-to-school manicure! Nail art is such a fun way of expression, so why not use it to get more enthusiastic about the school year? There TONS of ideas out there to try. 

People have thought of everything from chalkboards to Crayola crayons to Dr. Seuss when it comes to a school-inspired manicure. People have even created colored pencil nail art that actually draws! It is pretty insane. And even for people who don't want 3D apples popping off of their nails (which do exist by the way), there are also plenty more minimalistic back-to-school manicure ideas. Apples, rulers, pencils, notebook paper are all small elements of school that can be turned into an adorable nail art design. For teachers, it can be an especially fun way to show off one's passion for teaching. Even moms who are excited for the new school year could rock these looks. They really are so much fun. Here are 20 fantastic manicure ideas that are sure to get people pumped for the school year.

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