Woman Rocked 'Glowing Boobs' for a Night Out Thanks to a Genius Implant Hack

glowing breast implants
Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu/YouTube

Chinese YouTuber and designer Naomi Wu recently created an outfit that was a guaranteed head-turner for a night at the club. As a tech hobbyist and a huge advocate for women in STEM, Naomi often refers to herself as a "sexy cyborg" -- and her latest outfit invention surely embodies that! 

  • Naomi decided to create a going-out ensemble that would illuminate her silicone breast implants.

    Many of her DIY projects focus on wearable technology for women, according to The Los Angeles Times. Her inspiration for this specific project came from seeing an American woman hold lights up to her breast implants online. 

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  • With the help of a 3D printer, she developed a custom corset with super-strength flashlights connected to two fibre-optic cables. 

    The bright lights cause the silicone to glow through her skin, creating a red illumination.

  • She paired the futuristic top with an all-black outfit and mirrored sunglasses for the ultimate club attire. 

    Her outfit was such a hit that people lined up to take photos with her at the nightclub in Shenzen, China. 

  • Check out Naomi's full video below! 

    That's definitely one way to stand out from a crowd! 

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