40 Teacher Tattoos For Everyday Heroes

Kayla Boyd | Apr 30, 2020 Beauty & Style
40 Teacher Tattoos For Everyday Heroes

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Teaching is a profession that more often than not is pursued by someone who is extremely passionate about it -- they want to help kids, inspire them, and, of course, teach them new things. And because many teachers are so passionate and love what they do, no matter how difficult it can be, one way they might consider showing off their profession is with some fun new ink! There are tons of cool tattoo ideas out there for teachers. 

The most common tattoo design teachers seem to get is something that involves an apple. However, people do get pretty creative with them! Some have turned apples into hearts, added some cool watercolors, gotten one with a bite taken out of it, and so much more. Other cool things one can incorporate into a teacher tattoo include school supplies (rulers, pencils, scissors), a globe, or books. Books are a great source of tattoo inspiration because a teacher could even pull in a favorite quote or do something as simple as a stack of books and decorate it to match their personality. If a teacher is concerned about covering their tattoos, then there are plenty of minimalist tattoo ideas as well. 

Here are 40 tattoo ideas for teachers that can hopefully get them feeling ready and motivated for the school year! And these don't only work for teachers, some of these ideas can work for other educators, librarians, coaches, and principals as well. 

  • Dr. Seuss Quote Teacher Tattoo


    This traditional style teacher tattoo features an apple, a pencil, flowers, and a popular Dr. Seuss quote. The bold colors and clean design make this a really great piece. 

  • Light Bulb Teacher Tattoo


    This teacher tattoo has a really cool light bulb design with a heart inside. It also has books, pencils, and an apple that look super cute together. 

  • Little Victories Teacher Tattoo


    This sweet and simple tattoo was done for a special education teacher. It can mean so much to a teacher to see their students improving, even in the smallest of ways. 

  • 'Inspire' Teacher Tattoo


    This more minimalist tattoo is perfect for a teacher. It simply says "inspire" next to an illustration of an apple. 

  • Book Lover Teacher Tattoo


    This teacher tattoo was paired with the caption: "Books give soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." Such a wonderful sentiment. 

  • Pencil Teacher Tattoo


    A small and simple teacher tattoo idea is a single pencil. This person wrote: "Looking at this tattoo every day reminds me of the hard work I have put in to become a teacher. How there is no other profession I could see myself doing. How this is the most rewarding job on the planet."

  • Apple Teacher Tattoo


    This apple design has some unusual details in it, especially in the leaves. It's always cool when something seemingly simple is given a more artistic look. 

  • Schoolhouse Teacher Tattoo


    This schoolhouse half-sleeve has so much gorgeous detail. The roses, apple, and sun all pull together so nicely and the schoolhouse itself is a really great idea for a teacher. 

  • Matching Teacher Tattoos


    These teacher besties got small apples on the sides of their wrists. It's minimalist, easy to hide, and really adorable! 

  • Alphabet Monogram Teacher Tattoo


    This tattoo features a monogram of the alphabet with apples and apple blossoms! Such a creative idea and it turned out so lovely. 

  • Teacup Teacher Tattoo


    This teacher tattoo of a teacup full of school supplies had the cutest details. The colors and the flowers give this a really happy, positive vibe. 

  • Bitten Apple Teacher Tattoo


    There are ways to add some quirkiness and personality to a teacher tattoo that features an apple as well -- for example, this person's illustration has a big bite taken out of the apple and it's sitting on a couple of colorful books. 

  • Skull & Crossbones Teacher Tattoo


    This teacher's take on a skull and crossbones is amazing! The apple resembles the one from the classic Disney film Snow White, while the fake crossbones are made out of school supplies. 

  • Traveling Teacher Tattoo


    This teacher tattoo was done for a multilingual teacher and worldwide traveler. "Good times getting to tattoo people who are doing things to contribute and make a difference," the tattoo artist wrote. This design is beautiful and really incorporates the person's traveling lifestyle. 

  • Globe Teacher Tattoo


    This neo traditional tattoo design of a globe uses a really pretty combination of colors. The small flower details really add a nice touch as well. 

  • Heart Teacher Tattoo


    This heart teacher tattoo is really cute and creative because it has the details of an apple, without being quite so literal. The leaf and stem being added to the heart was really clever.

  • Stack of Books Teacher Tattoo


    This illustration includes a stack of books and an apple hanging from a tree. The details of the tree and butterfly give it a cheerful, outdoorsy look. 

  • Owl Teacher Tattoo


    This cute, big-eyed owl is another cool idea for a teacher tattoo. And he's standing on a book, which really drives home the teacher theme. 

  • Watercolor Apple Teacher Tattoo


    This watercolor teacher tattoo is stunning! The swirls of colors mixed together create a very artsy aesthetic and it coordinates well with the tumbleweed tattoo above it. 

  • Apple Outline Teacher Tattoo


    This apple design is more basic, but still cute! A simple line drawing can be good for people who want a simple black ink piece of work. 

  • Trophy Teacher Tattoo


    This trophy tattoo was done for a physical education teacher. The tattoo artist shared that it's a trophy because it is the maximum prize an athlete craves and because all teachers deserve one. It's also sweet that the trophy says inspire on it, which teachers do every day. 

  • Bunny Teacher Tattoo


    This teacher chose to get a bunny rabbit as part of their tattoo. The bunny is sitting on a stack of books with an apple and a pencil, looking ready to learn -- so cute!

  • Rose Teacher Tattoo


    This pink rose is gorgeous! Although it would look great on its own, it was made even better with the little book, butterfly, and inspirational words. 

  • Educate the Heart Teacher Tattoo


    This tattoo says: "This master educates the (heart)." The quote is so sweet and the teacher illustration is completely adorable. 

  • Beach Teacher Tattoo


    This beachy apple tattoo is a combination of things, but it still really works. The beautiful purple sunset scene inside the apple gives it some interest and personality. 

  • Pi Teacher Tattoo


    This is the symbol for the mathematical constant pi. Definitely a clever minimalist tattoo idea for a math teacher. 

  • Fearless Teacher Tattoo


    This "Live Fearless" teacher tattoo not only has a powerful message, but it also has a really pretty design and color scheme. The font, apple, and flower details all go together really well. 

  • ABC Teacher Tattoo


    This teacher tattoo combines a lot of traditional teaching elements: books, a pencil, and a chalkboard. The collage of items comes together perfectly and it makes a great arm piece. 

  • Swirled Apple Teacher Tattoo


    This swirly lined apple design is simple, yet stylized in a really cute way. Although this teacher calls her tattoo "cliché," it still has some personality in it and it looks really great. 

  • Student Art Teacher Tattoo


    This kindergarten teacher shared on Instagram: "A student of mine drew these candy corn for me... I told him one day I’d have them tattooed." Too cute! 

  • Coloring Book Teacher Tattoo


    This teacher tattoo is cool because at the base it's just a sketched line drawing of a book and an apple, but it really comes to life with the "coloring outside of the lines" approach. The style and colors are so fun and lighthearted. 

  • Ruler Teacher Tattoo


    This ruler tattoo is a good shape for an arm or leg. It has a classic wooden look, but a nice pop of color was added with the flowers. 

  • Classroom Teacher Tattoo


    This wrist tattoo was done for an English teacher. The sketched classroom scene is cute and it's pretty cool how it was done on such a small scale. 

  • Survive & Thrive Teacher Tattoo


    This apple tattoo stands out because of the words above it. In a cute, curly font it says "Survive and Thrive." Although it's only two words, they have a lot of meaning. 

  • Librarian Teacher Tattoo


    This librarian's tattoo is perfect because it features a girl reading a book under a beautiful fall tree. It also says "dear old world," which is a quote from Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. 

  • 'Unless' Teacher Tattoo


    This cute ankle tattoo is inspired by Dr. Suess. The teacher wrote on Instagram

    "'Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.' -- Dr. Seuss. 

    This is a message that I bring into my classroom everyday!"