This 'Smart Bra' Can Adapt to Your Changing Breast Size



There is a reason why the meme about taking your bra off when you get home is popular amongst women. We all know that glorious release and sensation. But what if our bras didn't have to be a huge source of discomfort?

  • Enter the Anesi Bra, a bra so smart that it can accommodate changing breasts.

    Toronto-based fashion-tech startup House of Anesi designed its first lingerie product to adjust up to two band sizes and cup sizes.

    The brand claims that the unique fabric caters to hormone-induced breast fluctuations by using compression and elastic zones to constantly fit an evolving breast. The fabric is also moisture-wicking and will "snap back" after fluctuations. 

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  • And that's not all of its nifty features. Straps are made with a unique gel material that is cooling and contours to the skin to alleviate back pain. 

  • And the best part? It's Inclusive AF. 

  • The bra itself can adapt to over 98 sizes, making it one of the most body-positive brands out there.  

  • Unfortunately, the Anesi Bra isn't available yet. 

    Currently the company is crowdfunding to bring the product to market. If you're hoping to get this bra sometime in the near future, check out how you can help here