20 Wonderfully Witchy Tattoos



Being a Pagan isn't just a "posh" phase angsty teenage girls go through. Paganism, witchcraft, and the ways of magick are all ancient religious art forms that have undergone immense scrutiny over the past few decades. From the ancient Celtics to the Salem witch trials, those who were believers were mercilessly persecuted in the name of magick, and were forced to practice the Craft in secret. Modern day witchcraft is highly more acceptable -- and dare I say trendy -- to the point where present day witches aren't afraid to share their spells, Tarot readings, an all their practice encompasses. They are even proudly 'repping their faith on their bodies in the forms of gorgeous tattoo artistry

Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans alike are proudly donning tattoos that not only express their personality, but are reflective of the faith they so staunchly practice. Though witches are far more accepted today, there are still many misconceptions surrounding their lifestyle. While many often equate witchcraft with evil, the truth is there is a balance like any other faith. Wiccans typically believe in "oneness with nature." It's a very feminine-centric faith, where practitioners worship and pray through goddesses that are rooted in nature. 

Many of the symbols witches choose to tattoo on their bodies have deep spiritual meanings that are often misinterpreted. Here, we'll explore some witchy tattoos that are not only ethereal and gorgeous but have significant meanings in the faith. These 21 tattoos represent the most magical, beautiful, and even heartbreaking parts of Wiccan and Pagan histories. Through pictures, signs, and symbols anyone will be able to get a better grasp on this gorgeous faith. And after getting a good look at these gorgeous designs, it will be hard not to believe in magic. 

  • Norse Rune Tattoo

    This nordic rune tattoo is actually a blessing and personalized galdr, which means a magical chant to invoke a rune's powers. 

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  • Hecate's Wheel Tattoo

    Hecate's wheel is a symbol with Greek origins, and represents Hecate when she served as the protector of crossroads before evolving into a goddess of magick and sorcery. The maze inside of the wheel represents the power of knowledge and life. This tattoo has several other magical elements to keep in mind. 

  • Triqueta Tattoo

    This ancient Celtic symbol  has two meaning theories. One assumes it represents  feminine spirituality, while another claims it symbolizes the connection between the mind, body, and soul. 

  • Spiral Goddess Tatto

    Typically this Wiccan symbol is thought of as a representation of fertility, but is also representative of life, death, and rebirth.  

  • Finger Rune Tattoos

    These fingers are full of witchy symbols and runes, and they look totally magical in their placement. 

  • Colorful Broomstick Tattoo

    The colors in the magical tattoo are just perfect. We love that the stereotypical symbol for witches is wrapped in a more obscure one (a divination pendulum).

  • Salem Tattoo

    This tattoo is an amazing tribute to the women who lost their lives at the stakes during the Salem witch trials. Here's to the daughters of the witches they couldn't burn. 

  • Dancing in the Moonlight Tattoo

    This simple silhouette tattoo is a beautiful tribute to the witches who came before. We love the incorporation of herbs and moonlight -- two arcs of witchcraft.  

  • Magick Heart Tattoo

    When a heart is full of magick, what better way to wear it but on the sleeve? This simple and gorgeous tattoo is perfect for the witch who wants to exude her magic loud and proud. 

  • Rune Stone Tattoo

    Rune stones are used as a divination tool, and many witches use them as part of their meditation and self care. 

  • Phases of the Moon Tattoo

    Witchcraft is intricately tied to the magic of the moon. And what better way to honor all the glory it brings than to tattoo it?

  • Goddess Tattoo

    The typical symbol of the triple goddess is a full moon flanked by two crescent moons on the side. This gorgeous interpretation adds a new level of depth. 

  • Crystals & Goddess Tiny Tattoos

    Magic lives on these fingers in the form of crystals and the symbol of the triple goddess. We love the simple but powerful message they have. 

  • Witch Moth Tattoo

    There are several magical elements to this gorgeous tattoo. Not only is the triple goddess here, but the triangles are the Wiccan symbol for water, and the moth is thought to be a magical symbols as well. 

  • Rune Wheel

    This nordic tattoo is full of whimsy and magick. The ravens give it an especially dark and wide feel. 

  • Viking Rune Tattoo

    These legs are full of Viking symbolism, in particular the two runes on her shins. 

  • Wiccan Earth Tattoo

    This Wiccan symbol of the earth is brought to life by a gorgeous tree. The symbol evokes ties to Mother Earth and is used in spells for abundance, fertility, and prosperity. 

  • Moon Tattoo

    The phases of the moon surrounding a magical hand is the embodiment of all of the elements of witchcraft in a single tattoo. 

  • Tarot Tattoo

    This single Tarot card tattoo has a really unique style to it. Witches use Tarot cards for divination, and they are often known for being brutally real and honest when used to answer questions. 

  • Pentacle Tattoo

    People often mistake the pentacle for the pentagram symbol ( which is incorrectly associated with evil). The pentacle is used in protection spells and for warding off evil.