20 Full Makeup Looks In 12 Steps or Fewer

20 Full Makeup Looks In 12 Steps or Fewer

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Doing my makeup in the comfort of my own home has become a rarity -- a novelty, if you will. And it is a novelty I imagine most mothers can relate to. No matter the time I wake up in the morning, I always find myself racing the clock so I can get my daughter to day care and then get to work at a reasonable time. When it was just me, I could so easily wake up 10 minutes before it was time to leave, hop in the shower, get dressed, and do my makeup in enough time to get to work on time. If I was fast enough, I could even grab my lunch on my way out the door. Ah, the good ol’ days.

These days, how my morning will go is really a toss-up. There are so many variables. Will my daughter be in a cooperative mood, or will she be crying all morning (adding an extra minute to everything I have to do with her)? Will there be traffic on the way to day care or will it be a straight shot? Once we arrive to day care, will I be able to sneak out quietly, or will I have to do some cuddling until she’s ready to play? There are just so many things that can go wrong.

With all those factors working against me getting to work on time, I’ve been forced to learn how to do my makeup quickly (and on rough days, just go in barefaced and hope I don’t scare anyone). Focusing on my best features and highlighting those is what really helps me to achieve a polished look in the fewest steps. Here, I’ve consolidated a bunch of quick makeup tutorials to help moms on-the-go, like myself, get the hang of doing presentable and pretty makeup as quickly as possible.

  • Bronze Makeup Look 


    This makeup look is great for moms not only because it is simple and easy, but all the makeup products used are amazingly affordable. I'm talking in the single digits. That makes the whole tutorial a win! 

    Get tutorial here.

  • Long-Lasting, On-the-Go Makeup Look


    This makeup tutorial is one that we all can relate to, being that it's being done in the front seat of the car. This makeup look uses only five products and all the products were from the same brand, so when purchasing, one could grab them all from the same section! The products used focus on longevity. 

    Get the tutorial here

  • Simple Makeup Look with a Red Lip


    The makeup section of this video tutorial goes by quickly, but I still took away some valuable pointers for doing speedy makeup. One great quote was, "when in a rush, focus on what's important." Sounds cliche, but that's really the key to doing makeup quickly but effectively. Deciphering which features one considers most important and making sure those stand out, while concealing any detracting features (dark under eyes, blemishes), quickly. 

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Pink Lip and Blush Makeup Look


    This makeup look was really interesting because Chloe really focused on the skin. I usually don't give my skin a lot of attention in the morning, but she was quickly able to make her skin flawless and dimensional, without worrying too much about the eyes. I love that she used a CC cream -- CC and BB creams were my first friends when I started with makeup.  

    Get the tutorial here

  • Flawless Skin Makeup Look


    This makeup look was even more skin-centered than the last, as most of this video was spent just working on the complexion. I'd suggest this makeup look for moms who have naturally shaped brows and naturally thick lashes. 

    Get the tutorial here

  • Simple Cat-Eye Makeup Look


    This makeup look is more focused on the eyes, but still simple. In minutes, Cydnee adds a little bit of shimmer, a winged liner, and lip product -- after putting down her base. We can do this!

    Get the tutorial here.

  • 10-Minute Berry Cheeks and Lips


    This simple tutorial was done right in the comfort of the writer's car (she can relate). In this look, she chose to highlight her lips and cheeks with a berry color. 

    Get the tutorial here

  • Bold Lip and Defined Eyes Look


    This look is definitely closer to what I'm used to in that it focuses on the eyes and lips. She didn't do too much to the skin (her skin is amazing anyway), and just focused on bringing out those two features. She also used one of my favorite mascaras -- watch to see what it is!

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Simple 10-Minute Makeup Look


    This makeup look hits all the basic makeup groups but in the simplest format possible. Using the safest colors (nudes, neutrals, light pinks), one is able to achieve a look that is perfect for work or anywhere else. 

    Get the tutorial here

  • Glossy Lips and Flawless Skin


    Lip gloss is one of the greatest innovations ever (in my mind), when it comes to makeup. Just adding gloss to chapped lips already takes ones appearance up a couple notches. Here, after perfecting the complexion, gloss was used to add the final touch.

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Pink and Gold Summer Look


    This look has only a few steps, but has a lot of contour and blending involved. As we can see, it's not really necessary to contour when we're on our way out, so if we skip that and do the other steps, we can still achieve a similar look to the one Sona shows us here. 

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Standout Lashes Makeup Look


    This look is the definition of simple, if I ever heard it. I remember, back in the day, before doing full face makeup looks was a big thing, women would just use a little bit of concealer on their face and call it a day. Everyday women rarely wore foundation unless it was a special occasion. This look took me back to that time because of the small number of products used. If she hadn't combined three colors on her lips, the total number of products would have been fewer than five!

    Get the tutorial here

  • Natural Fall Makeup Look


    This look is a little more glam, but was still done quickly. The key to this look was having all the makeup products set up and ready to go before she actually did the look. That's an idea -- maybe we can set up our makeup looks (and products we'll use) along with our outfits the night before.

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Shimmery Pink Makeup Tutorial


    This look focuses mainly on the eyes. For a mom whose skin isn't her main concern -- who would rather focus on the windows of the soul -- this soft, sultry look might be up her alley. And the great thing about looks like this (that focus on the eyes), one doesn't have to do anything to the lips besides add some lip balm. 

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Glowy, Glossy Skin Makeup Look


    This makeup look gives us the pink blush and glossy lip look that complements all skin tones. A little bit of blush and gloss looks good on everyone. This tutorial didn't touch on the eyes, but as we've seen, the eyes need little to no attention if the skin and lips are together. If necessary, one can add an extra step of mascara or eyeliner. 

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Drugstore Makeup Tutorial  


    This makeup look is also light, airy, and skin-centered with a little bit of attention given to the lashes and brows (a theme is appearing, no?). A standout feature of this tutorial is that it focuses on olive-toned skin and also uses mostly drugstore products that we all can find in our nearby CVS, Walgreen's or Rite-Aid.

    Get the tutorial here.

  • 5-Minute Natural Makeup Look


    This makeup tutorial definitely touches me, because the woman teaching is a mother and she started off her video stating that as we get older "less is more." Amen! I'm a makeup lover through and through, and sometimes more is definitely more; but most days, less is all I can offer. This quick look with affordable products is so simple, one can't mess up.

    Get the tutorial here

  • Soft and Effortless Daytime Look


    This look is soft, warm, and beautiful. Natural looks usually take forever to master, but this look has exactly 10 steps to help us look natural, contoured, and flawless. 

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Fresh-Faced Makeup Look 


    This tutorial is one of my favorites because during the tutorial, we're being instructed on the purpose of each item we're using. The products being used are all with the intention of making us look well-rested and brightening up the face (even if we're dead tired). I need to incorporate this every day, because as a mom, I'm always tired. 

    Get the tutorial here.

  • Basic Beginner Makeup Look 


    This tutorial literally takes less than four minutes and touches on all parts of the face (brows, lashes, lips, skin). I appreciate that it even included moisturizing in the beginning, because its an important aspect that some people leave out or forget. 

    Get the tutorial here

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