21 of the Weirdest & Wildest Nail Art Trends

Kayla Boyd | Jul 27, 2018 Beauty & Style
21 of the Weirdest & Wildest Nail Art Trends

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Anyone with a social media account can pretty much attest to the fact that beauty trends get pretty weird sometimes. We have all seen our fair share of eyebrow trends (braided eyebrows, halo eyebrows, rainbow eyebrows, etc.) and we all know that lip art can get pretty insane as well (someone actually painted a picture from the royal wedding on their lips). But, we have especially noticed a surge in wild nail trends as of late. And when we say wild, we mean it! From nail trends that are straight up disgusting to ones that make it pretty impossible for someone to even move their hands, there is an abundance of crazy ones out there. 

There are some nail trends we can totally get on board with like jelly nails or negative space nails. But, as for ones that include dead bugs, poppable pimples, or lit candles, um, we'll pass. And if anyone thinks that those sound impossible to wear on nails, they are sadly mistaken. Just when we think we have seen it all, another viral nail trend takes off leaving us all confused and amazed. Many of the strange designs have come from Russian nail art studio Nail Sunny -- they are clearly a very creative bunch. 

Here are 21 of the wildest and weirdest nail trends we've come across so far. And we are pretty sure that there will be plenty more to come! 

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