The Story Behind TOMS Shoes' New Disney Line Is as Magical as the Princesses on Them

toms disney shoe collection

Disney fans, grab your wallets because this is a collection that you definitely don't want to miss out on! Popular shoe brand TOMS, known for giving away a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair you buy, has an all-new Disney line. And not only are the designs adorable, but they also have a pretty amazing twist.  

  • TOMS has taken classic Disney archive illustrations and used them to design the cutest shoes ever.

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  • And the best part is that this collection was inspired by female artists who worked behind the scenes at Disney. 

    According to the TOMS website:

    "A group of young women worked behind the scenes on Walt Disney's films, adding the detail to these timeless stories. Inspired by these female artists, TOMS went into the Walt Disney Archives and created a unique collection featuring original character sketches."

  • The collection will eventually include eyewear as well, and the shoes have already started to be released a little bit at a time. 

    The Cinderella-inspired shoes were the first to release on June 18, then the Sleeping Beauty styles on July 19. The Snow White styles are set to be released on Aug. 23.

    The sizes range from a kid's size 4 to a woman's size 12. 

  • The shoes were made for "those who break the glass ceiling in glass slippers," according to the website. 

    As reported by PopSugar, the 30-piece collection will range in price from $65 to $75 for women's shoes and $49 to $59 for children's. The women's eyewear will be priced from $170 to $190 and kids' will be $90.

  • I mean, who doesn't want to walk around with the Fairy Godmothers on their comfy shoes!? 

    Brb. We're going to buy some right now! 

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