Ashley Graham Called Herself 'Fat' & People Are Freaking Out for the Wrong Reasons

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There are some social etiquette rules that should be inherent universal knowledge. Chew with your mouth closed, say "Bless you" when someone sneezes, and for the love of all things holy, never assume and then ask a woman if she is pregnant

Yes, even if she is a celebrity.

  • Model and author Ashley Graham is no stranger to showing off her bikini body -- and getting major criticism for it.

    The SI Swimsuit darling sadly has been called every name under the sun for proudly displaying her plus-size physique in barely there bathing suits

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  • But after posting a video of herself in a teeny bikini, one fan assumed her tummy pudge meant she was pregnant -- and Graham wasn't having it.


  • Although her comments were flooded with praise, a lot of folks felt the need to correct and "comfort" Ashley for her frank response. 

    theashleygraham/Instagram commentary
  • theashleygraham/Instagram commentary
  • theashleygraham/Instagram commentary
  • Because you see, despite all of our forward movement in body positivity, the word "fat" is still an egregious insult. 


    Sadly, people still see the word as a negative connotation. That somehow beauty and bigness cannot coexist, which is pretty damn problematic. Being fat is simply a descriptor, no different then saying "I have brown hair" or "I have freckles."

  • Fat, frankly, can be a simple fact. Everyone has fat, and some have more than others. 

    That's why many body positive activists are working to truly reclaim the word and de-stigmatize it. 

    "When people react saying 'No you are not fat' when you are, it speaks to the associations that people have with the word fat and their uncomfortableness around it," body activist and author Michelle Elman explained to CafeMom. "If you were to say you were tall, no one would respond going 'No you aren't tall' but the only reason people recoil at the mention of that word is because tall is considered a neutral word and fat is considered an insult. The only way we can move forward in a body positive way for fat bodies is by neutralizing the word 'fat' as well."

  • So no, Ashley Graham doesn't really need your sympathy for her self-observations. 

    Although in the past she has admittedly conflated the word fat, the fact that she owns it and is comfortable with it is what works for her.

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