These Transparent 'Jelly Nails' Are the New Manicure Trend Going Viral

blue jelly nails

It seems that the '90s nostalgia just keeps on growing. Whether everyone is talking about the upcoming Rugrats reboot or shopping for velvet tops and chokers, it has become pretty inescapable. And now, thanks to Kylie Jenner, their is a new nail craze sweeping Instagram that will definitely remind you of a certain shoe you may have worn as a child. 

  • Most '80s and '90s kids probably owned a pair of jelly sandals at one point or another. 

    The iconic kid's shoe has recently tried to make a comeback. 

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  • And they just so happen to be serving us new nail inspiration!

  • Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner posted a colorful picture on Instagram where her gang was showing off their fresh manicures. 

    Kylie's good friend Heather Sanders was noticeably rocking transparent neon pink nails.

  • Since then, the summery look seems to have flooded our Instagram feeds! 

    According to HelloGiggles, the trendy nail design is achieved by applying a clear tip to the nail or sculpting it with a clear, hard gel, and then adding a sheer polish on top.  

  • Although some people keep them clear, it's been popular to add a vibrant color.

  • Many people are also spicing theirs up with glitter or gems. 

  • We might just be willing to give this nail trend a try! 

    I mean it definitely seems more subtle than corkscrew nails or period nails

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