30 Vintage Flower Tattoos That Are Perfect for Old Souls

Kayla Boyd | Jul 16, 2018 Beauty & Style
30 Vintage Flower Tattoos That Are Perfect for Old Souls

Pretty Pink Vintage Flower Tattoo

Floral designs make gorgeous tattoos, but there is something extra special about a vintage flower illustration that separates it from other ink designs. Weather it is a faded line technique, a type of collage and flower choice, or muted tones, tattoo artists have pretty clever ways to give a tattoo that vintage look that reminds us of our grandmother's wallpaper (in a good way). Vintage flower tattoos look so elegant and feminine, and they look good on pretty much any area of the body that one is considering adding some ink to. They can also make good additions to unfinished statement pieces. 

Vintage flower illustrations can look good in color or black and white and they can incorporate many different things, such as other aspects of nature, inspirational quotes, sentimental representations, and more. Vintage flower designs have been on trend for a while now and can be seen in fashion, nail art, and home decor. After seeing all of these gorgeous tattoos, I'm considering getting one of them myself! 

The vintage aesthetic gives the flowers a chic and classic look that just radiates beauty. Here are 30 vintage flower tattoos that are perfect for all of the old souls out there. 

  • Arm Piece Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This vintage flower arm piece uses a pretty combination of wild flowers and leaves. The artist used white space inside the flower petals to give the colors a softer look. The details are so pretty! 

  • Pretty Pink Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This vintage flower tattoo uses shades of pink for a feminine look. The large back piece flows perfectly and looks incredible! 

  • Simple Bouquet Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This small bouquet has a simplicity to it while still using a variety of colors. The different kinds of flowers make a really sweet combination. 

  • Wreath Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This wreath design is delicate and pretty. The pinks and greens look really fresh together and it has a whimsical feel to it. 

  • Crystals & Vintage Flowers Tattoo


    This vintage flower piece uses purple crystals for a more personalized design. The yellow sunflower adds some contrast to the crystal and the overall design has a happy feel to it. 

  • Black & White Vintage Flower Tattoo


    Not all vintage flower tattoos have to use color. This black-and-white flower design has a completely different vibe -- it reminds us of an old black-and-white photo. 

  • Sentimental Vintage Flower Tattoo


    Some vintage flower tattoos can hold personal connections to loved ones. This tattoo artist shared on Instagram: "Recreated her mother's artwork on her forearm ... Thank you for letting me have the honor of doing this piece Liz."

  • Bold Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This bold tattoo uses a lot of line work and detail that give it an artistic feel. The pink, blues, and greens make a great combination for this statement piece. 

  • Neck Vintage Flower Tattoo


    The neck can be a tricky spot to position a tattoo, but this artist did a fantastic job. The black lines are clean and precise and the design is lovely. 

  • Sunflower Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This tattoo radiates positive vibes with its pink daisies and yellow sunflower. It's positioned perfectly on the shoulder and the lack of bold outlining really gives it a vintage aesthetic. 

  • Single Peony Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This pink peony flower is elegant and makes a lovely spine tattoo. The white used in the petals and leaves really brightens it up. 

  • Anchor Vintage Flower Tattoo


    An anchor is a classic tattoo choice. Anchors have a lot of meaning behind them, such as strength and stability. The incorporation of these vintage flowers gives it a distinctive touch that looks absolutely stunning. 

  • Birdie Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This vintage flower tattoo incorporates a bird and it looks like a gorgeous vintage painting. The muted colors and shading all pull together so nicely. 

  • Thigh Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This thigh tattoo has a cute little bumblebee and various kinds of flowers incorporated. The lack of colors gives it a classic feel and it looks great wrapping around the side of the leg. 

  • Soft Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This tattoo makes great use of fading lines and colors to give it that old-school vibe. The design is so soft and pretty.

  • Geometric Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This floral tattoo has thin geometric shapes partially hidden behind it that create an interesting frame for the piece. It's a great way to add flair to a vintage design. 

  • Three-Cornered Leek Vintage Flower Tattoo


    The positioning of this unusual design is perfection and it has such a sweet meaning behind it. The tattoo artist wrote on Instagram: "This is a three-cornered leek, which is the birth flower for her sister. Such a lovely idea and so grateful that she asked me to do it."

  • Blossoms Vintage Flower Tattoo


    The little pink blossoms in this design provide a pop of color. The fading and shading give the larger flowers depth. 

  • Line Work Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This more simplistic design is delicate looking. The line work is clean and the choice to only use black ink works well for something more minimalist like this. 

  • Clematis Vintage Flower Tattoo


    These pink clematis flowers are large and vibrant, while still sticking with a more vintage style, thanks to the strategic coloring. 

  • Shamrock Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This lucky tattoo shows shamrocks with little blossoms. This makes a great hip piece and it can be a fitting way to represent Irish heritage. 

  • Elbow Vintage Flower Tattoo


    The elbow can make for an unexpected tattoo spot. This vintage flower design follows the curve of the elbow, making the illustration look like it was meant to be there. Very cute! 

  • California Poppies Vintage Flower Tattoo


    These orange California poppies make a pretty tattoo design. It's a summery flower and has a positive vibe. 

  • Vibrant Vintage Flower Tattoo


    The vintage look can still be achieved with bolder colors as well. These darker blues and purples make gorgeous flowers and the artists still did a good job of giving it a vintage feel. 

  • Upper Arm Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This single flower has a lot of dimension in its petals, while the small green leaves add nice detail to the design. It's simple and chic. 

  • Moon Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This moon design is already stunning, but it looks even better with some vintage flowers added to it. The large pink rose is so well done and the entire piece brings together the different elements in an unexpected way. 

  • Gorgeous Bouquet Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This wildflower bouquet looks great going up the arm. The various flowers look beautiful together and it all fits together so nicely.

  • Watercolor Vintage Flower Tattoo


    The watercolor technique can also be a cool way to make a tattoo design look vintage. The yellow and green used here are just enough to give it some color, while still leaving a decent amount of negative space for effect. 

  • Variety Vintage Flower Tattoo


    These colors and flower shapes look magnificent. The pinks, purples, and blues seem to be a common combination, but it makes sense because they're so pretty together! 

  • Dainty Vintage Flower Tattoo


    This floral tattoo design spaces the different elements out for a more dainty look. It's a great concept that adds a distinctive touch to a typical flower piece. 

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