10-Year-Old Girl Gives Herself Epic 'Fake' Nails After Mom Says No to Acrylics

viral clay nails

It's not uncommon for a 10-year-old girl to want to try on high heels or play with makeup, but for one little girl in particular it's all about the nails. Recently, 31-year-old Serafina Peña shared that her daughter asked to get acrylic nails, however Serafina felt she was too young and told her no. So, her daughter found the best loophole

  • Serafina's daughter decided to make her own nails out of Play-Doh! 

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  • Serafina explained that her daughter was a nail biter and has since agreed to stop if she could get nail art. 

    However, the press-on idea was a bit too much for mom's approval. So the 10-year-old turned to her clay! 

  • And as a result of the incredible clay hack, the tweet has since gone viral, with tons of people cheering on Serafina's daughter's creativity. 

  • People are seriously amazed at how great she did! 

  • With all of the support this little girl has received, Sarafina is assuring her Twitter fans that she will be "investing in her craft."

  • She definitely NAILED IT! 

    Sarafina might just have a future beauty guru on her hands!