'Barbie Feet' May Be the Most Ridiculous Instagram Trend Yet

kourtney kardashian and kendall jenner

In our current world where pretty much everyone is "doing it for the 'gram" we have seen some interesting trends sweep our feeds. Whether it's a strange makeup look, a dance challenge, or a viral meme, there is no doubt that Instagram has a significant impact on our culture -- including the ongoing need to capture our best angles, in the best lighting, at the coolest places, living our absolute best lives. However, we may have taken things a tad too far with this popular pose that you've definitely seen before. 

  • "Barbie feet" is the latest Instagram trend where models and celebrities are posing with their feet arched to elongate their legs. 

    Of course pointing your toes is no new concept, but when it comes to these Instagram pics, things are getting pretty ... extra.

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  • It's like posing in invisible high heels, according to Who What Wear, the publication who coined the term.

    Who What Wear explained: 

    “While Barbie’s plastic feet are permanently moulded into a pointed position, Instagram pros are whipping out the pose when they want to elongate their legs in photographs."

  • Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Jenna Dewan to Shay Mitchell can be seen posting these Barbie-like shots. 

  • Although most of us are guilty of only putting our best selves on Insta, it's important that we don't let trends like this make us self-conscious.

    The dangerous part about celebs and influencers posing like actual Barbie dolls across social media is that it can subconsciously reinforce the mindset that looking long, slender, and "perfect" is the gold standard of beauty. Although society is making strides towards being more inclusive and body positive, these ways of thinking still exist on a very large scale. 

    So, although it's perfectly fine to try out your best "Barbie feet" pose, we have to remember that it's not required or necessary to contort our bodies into ways that we think others will find more attractive. 

  • If you want to pose like Barbie for the 'gram then go for it, just don't forget that you're fabulous...

    ...whether your feet are arched or not! 

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