Anti-Chafing Bands Are the 'Lifesaver' We All Need This Summer

anti-chafing bands
Pretty Little Thing

There is one thing that us thick-thigh ladies go through every summer that can totally kill our vibe -- and that's the dreaded chub rub! Wearing cute dresses and shorts sounds fun in theory, but when your inner thighs are chaffing, rubbing, and swelling up it is NOT a good time. People have found ways to solve this problem by wearing bike shorts and rubbing deodorant on their thighs, but now there is a brilliant new product to give a try. 

  • Recently, fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing released their anti-chaffing thigh bands. 

    The bands are pretty affordable at only $12 and they come in sizes XS-XXL. Black is currently the only color option. 

    Since the brand Pretty Little Thing (PLT) is vey popular on Instagram, with many celebrities and influencers promoting it, it's no surprise that people noticed the new product and immediately jumped for their wallets. 

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  • Women across social media are beyond excited to give the thigh bands a try. 

  • We feel you, girl! 

  • And PLT isn't the first brand to come out with this genius solution. 

    A brand called Bandelettes specializes in anti-chafing thigh bands and they not only have lace options, but they also offer a wide range of colors in six different sizes (A-F). 

    Bandelettes, ($11 - $18, Amazon)

  • Finally, we can kiss that painful chub rub goodbye! 

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