Yellow Blush Is the New Summer Beauty Trend Popping Up on Instagram

yellow blush beauty trend

We have seen a lot of strange beauty trends in recent years, from geode lips to feather eyebrows. But, this new trend is one we all might actually be able to pull off! As recently pointed out by PopSugar, yellow blush is beginning to show up on Instagram -- and it looks a lot better than we would expect. 

  • Makeup gurus on social media have decided to enhance their summer glow by using yellow pigmented blushes and highlighters. 

    Some are referring to the look as "lemon blush." 

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  • And honestly, we're shocked at how good it looks! 

  • One would think that putting yellow on your face would make you look sick or unhealthy, but it actually looks pretty glam! 

    It's hard to say exactly why or when this trend began because it's still pretty hard to find a bright yellow blush in stores, but it's possible that Rihanna's popular Fenty Beauty "Trophy Wife" highlighter, which is a vibrant yellow-gold, could have brought this trend to life, according to PopSugar.

    Although the sunny look initially started appearing on beauty blogs and websites in the spring of 2017, we wouldn't doubt it if Rihanna caused it to resurface with a boom. 

  • Women of all different skin types and colors have been flaunting this bold look. 

    Many women are pairing their yellow blush with other warm colors like oranges and reds. 

  • We might actually give this look a try! 

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