Watermelon Vans Make Me Smile

watermelon vans

Photo from Vans

I'm not a sneaker wearer, but that doesn't mean a pair of kicks can't make me smile. Just look at these Watermelon Vans! When so many people are digging out of snow and bundled up in scarves and mittens, Vans gives us a peek from their Spring line! I can almost feel the sun from looking at them....


Apparently there is going to be a "fruits" collection with yummy watermelon hitting the stores first starting in February. How cool if these were scratch and sniff? OK...that's a little nutty. Vans also has this style in high tops and slip ons. Can wait to see what other fruits they offer. Ooh banana would be cool...and have that Velvet Underground & Nico feel from the album designed by Andy Warhol.

Which ones would you want?

*Big thanks to Cafe Sheri for showing me these!

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