This Woman's Hilarious 'Dad Bod' Swimsuit Selfie Has the Internet Cackling

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Last summer, the "/sexy chest" one piece swimsuit went viral. The flesh toned item featured fake chest and stomach hair, with a realistic looking bellybutton and nipples included. While some found it disturbing, many people thought it was hysterical. Now, a woman who used the infamous suit for an iconic bathroom selfie is going viral -- and everyone deserves to see it. 

  • The woman decided to wear the swimsuit as a bodysuit with her regular clothes, which was perfectly visible under her shorts and crop top. 

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  • Since the image has continued to be reposted across social media, people are LOVING it. 

  • Many are even expressing interest in pulling off the look themselves.

    I mean, it would make a pretty awesome Halloween costume. 

  • It's just so good!!! 

    Clearly, this woman is a hero. 

  • And, in case you were wondering, the swimsuit is still available! 

    The suit comes in sizes XS-XXL and it's available at Beloved Shirts for $60.

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