Crayola Has Released a Beauty Line So Now We Can All Color on Our Faces

crayola beauty

We all remember those days as a kid when we would color with our friends or siblings and barter over which Crayola crayon we just had to use at that very moment. Well now our wildest, most nostalgic dreams have come true because Crayola has officially entered into grown-up territory with their new beauty line

  • The popular art supplies brand has partnered with fast fashion retailer ASOS for a 58-piece makeup collection! 

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  • The most buzzed about product is the Crayola face crayon, which is literally a crayon for your face. 

    The face crayons come in a whopping 95 shades and, just like your favorite crayons growing up, they have fun names such as Very Cherry, Mango Tango, Outer Space, and Sun Gold. 

    ASOS wrote on Instagram

    "These Crayola face crayons can be used anywhere on the face, so go play!" 

  • And the fun names aren't the only thing reminiscent of your childhood coloring book days. 

    The packaging looks just like their classic crayon boxes! 

  • Other products available include eyeshadow pallets, highlighter crayons, mascara, and even a "pencil case set" of makeup brushes. 

  • It's time to get excited about coloring again! 

    All products are available at and range in price from $14.50 - $40. 

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