This App Stole Tess Holliday's Image to Make Her Look Thinner & She Is NOT Having It

tess holliday

Everyone edits their photos to show their "best selves" on social media. Whether it's with a fun filter or enhancing the lighting, there is no harm in wanting a nice profile aesthetic or having fun with your images. However, there is harm in altering someone else's (or even your own) body or appearance so much so that they aren't even recognizable. And unfortunately, that's exactly what a photo editing app did to influencer and body positive champion Tess Holliday. And she's letting them know exactly what she thinks about it.

  • On Wednesday morning, Tess called out an ad by photo app PIP CAM - Photo Maker for stealing her photos and completely distorting her body image. 

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  • In the video above, they made her look extremely thin, along with a couple of other beautiful plus-size women. 

  • I mean, are they kidding!? 

  • Tess, being the outspoken body positive activist that she is, made sure to bring the disturbing ad to people's attention. 

    She wrote on Instagram: 

    "An app that has nearly 50k downloads was dumb enough to steal photos of myself & two other plus size women & use them for this nonsense. I’m sharing this because I wanna address a few things. First of all, the fact that anyone thinks it’s ok to market this to ANYONE is appalling, but like, come on y’all."

    Tess called out the ad not just for distorting her body image, but for doing it in a way that runs so counter to her personal beliefs and the body positive message that has won her so many fans. 

    "Secondly, why is @instagram not regulating the sponsored content like this? In a world of paid content, flat tummy teas, appetite suppressing lollipops (so many) its important for me to tell y’all that I have & will never partner with a brand or do paid content unless I genuinely use it or would recommend it to my best friend. I’ve been offered crazy amounts of money to sell y’all all kinds of things like teeth whitening (that doesn’t work), weight loss products (that are dangerous), etc., but that’s me -- to each their own."


  • Tess ended her post with both an inspiring sentiment for her followers and a threat of legal action for the app. 

    "Lastly, never let anyone make you feel like you need to alter your appearance or who you are," she wrote. "You are enough. You are worthy of love in your current body, whatever that body looks like. As for this bogus app, my lawyers will be sliding in your DM’s boo."

  • And we couldn't agree more! 

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