50 Small Hand Tattoo Ideas, From Cute to Edgy

Kayla Boyd | May 16, 2018 Beauty & Style

small hand tattoos

Since our hands have such a small surface area, they can serve as a fun place to get a very dainty or minimal tattoo. Some people tattoo the side of their hand, others utilize the back of their hand, while others deck out their fingers with tattoos that resemble jewelry. Small hand tattoos have a way of really making that manicure selfie stand out on an Instagram feed! Not to mention, there are so many different options.

From tattoos that look like rings to short, empowering quotes to micro tattoos (or even-medium sized ones), a hand tat is a fun and edgy way to take one's accessory game to the next level. It's important to note that, similar to a foot tattoo, a hand tattoo can hurt, as hands don't have a lot of fat on them, but since the tats tend to be small, they're usually over with pretty quickly. 

Common small hand tattoo ideas include simple symbols like a moon, an anchor, a flower, or a tree. But some bold tattooers get really creative and go for aliens, music notes, superhero symbols, or a really meaningful word. Multiple small hand tattoos can be created to complement each other in some way. 

Here are 50 really cool small hand tattoos that make the cutest permanent accessories. 

small hand tattoos

  • Sun Small Hand Tattoo


    This little sun is simple, but so cute! It looks like it radiates good energy. The side of the hand is a more a unique placement idea -- and it really gets shown off when in prayer position.

  • Palm Tree Small Hand Tattoo


    This small palm tree tattoo looks perfect on her finger. It's like a permanent ring! And we must say, her bright pink nail polish is really adding to the vacation vibes. 

  • Black Birds Small Hand Tattoo


    Birds exude a sense of freedom and can express a love of nature. They make a great small tattoo, and this hand placement looks especially cool.

  • Small Cross Hand Tattoo


    For those interested in wearing their faith on their hand, this small cross makes an excellent minimalist tattoo idea.

  • Alien Small Hand Tattoo


    How cute is this little alien?! This simple line drawing has green accents and a quirkiness that makes it an out-of-this world choice for a small hand tattoo. 

  • Music Notes Small Hand Tattoo


    Musical notes are an excellent tattoo choice for anyone who's passionate about music. Here, the music staff flows organically up the side of the hand.

  • Yin-Yang Small Hand Tattoo


    A yin-yang design is a common symbol used in Chinese philosophy. Although it has a complex meaning behind it, people usually associate it with the idea of two forces that complement each other to form a whole, which is greater than its individual parts. And for those who find that this idea rings true to an aspect of their life, it can make a meaningful tattoo.

  • Baby Elephant Small Hand Tattoo


    This small hand tattoo of a baby elephant is adorable. We love that the balloon is shaped like a heart and personalized with initials for extra sentimentality. 

  • Bumblebee Small Hand Tattoo


    The details and shading of this enlarged bumblebee hand tattoo make it very realistic looking. We're liking the small heart on her thumb as well!

  • Finger Bow Small Hand Tattoo


    This combination of small hand tattoos is really cool! We especially love the small bow on the middle finger. It's feminine but edgy, and all the tattoos complement each other really well. 

  • Diamond Small Hand Tattoo


    These BFFs got matching diamonds on their ring fingers and it's the cutest thing ever! So clever. 

  • Semicolon Small Hand Tattoo


    This hand tattoo is representative of Project Semicolon, which is a nonprofit organization that functions mainly as an anti-suicide initiative. The heart lends a loving touch to something so powerful.

  • Lotus Small Hand Tattoo


    A lotus is an elegant tattoo choice, and it tends to look pretty no matter how big or small its design appears. This tiny hand tattoo is a more simple design that is really gorgeous. The crescent moon on the same finger also complements the design well.

  • Scissors Small Hand Tattoo


    This small tattoo was done for a hairstylist. The pair of scissors and pink ribbon are a cute way to depict her profession. 

  • Red Ink Flower Small Hand Tattoo


    Not all tattoos have to start off with black ink. The use of red ink for this flower hand tattoo gives it such a unique look.  

  • "Hope" Small Hand Tattoo


    "Hope" is a very positive and uplifting word. The way it's placed on the inside the finger is sweet because it's like a little, secret reminder. 

  • Snowflake Small Hand Tattoo


    A snowflake can represent purity, but it can also be a cool tattoo idea for winter babies. This finger placement works well for such a small tattoo. 

  • Crown Small Hand Tattoo


    If someone has ever felt that she was born to be a queen, then this crown tattoo is perfect. The little details and shading really take it to the next level. 

  • Snake Small Hand Tattoo


    This small snake tattoo is edgy and cool, and we like that it looks as if it's about to slither up her finger.

  • Cactus Small Hand Tattoo


    Plant parents might enjoy getting a cute little cactus tattoo. This succulent design has nice colors that give off a happy vibe. 

  • Micro Leaves Small Hand Tattoo


    This leaves design has swirly line details that give it feminine flare. The lower finger placement gives it that permanent ring look.

  • Zodiac Small Hand Tattoo


    Zodiac signs make awesome small tattoo ideas. Here, a Taurus tattoo fits perfectly on the ring finger and makes for an awesome manicure photo. 

  • Single Rose Small Hand Tattoo


    This single rose hand tattoo is gorgeous! The use of white ink creates the illusion of depth and shine. It's giving us major Beauty and the Beast vibes.

  • Simple Shapes Small Hand Tattoo


    These small geometric hand tattoos have nice balance. They're all simple and evenly sized and spaced for a clean aesthetic. 

  • "Abundant" Small Hand Tattoo

    The person who got this tattoo wrote on Instagram: "'Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.' -- Wayne Dyer." That's pretty powerful inspiration for this "abundant" knuckle tattoo. 
  • Minimal Hearts Small Hand Tattoos


    These two matching finger tattoos represent a pinky promise. Such a sweet idea for siblings or best friends. 

  • Arrow Small Hand Tattoo


    This small, ring finger arrow tattoo is really delicate and looks great pointing up the finger. It blends in really well with her accessories too! 

  • "Joy" Small Hand Tattoo


    This minimalist "joy" tattoo is like a little secret on the side of the finger. It's extremely small and the font is narrow, but it's still clear and legible.

  • "Unbreakable" Small Hand Tattoo


    "Unbreakable" is a nice word choice for reminding folks of their inner strength. It's very powerful. We love this curvy font! 

  • Dagger Small Hand Tattoo


    This is one trippy tattoo design! The dagger creates an optical illusion where it looks like it's going through the finger -- which is creepy, but pretty fantastic at the same time! 

  • Crescent Moon Small Hand Tattoo


    The curve of the hand is a good place for a crescent moon tattoo because the shapes work well together. Here, the middle portion of the design has some negative space, creating an appealing look. 

  • "Breathe" Small Hand Tattoo


    Another word that looks good in tattoo form is "breathe." Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to take a step back, focus on our breath, and just relax. What better place for an inked reminder than the hand?

  • Tree Small Hand Tattoo


    This little tree is a cute design for the side of the hand. When the hand is straight up, the tree appears to be standing up as well.

  • Woman Power Small Hand Tattoo


    These finger letters (wmn pwr) stands for "woman power." We like how creative this leafy font choice is. And of course, the message is very empowering!  

  • Solar System Small Hand Tattoo


    Combining three different celestial bodies can result in an adorable outer space motif. Here, multiple small tattoos of the moon, Saturn, and the sun are lined up on neighboring fingers, creating a cohesive look. 

  • "Darling" Small Hand Tattoo


    This "darling" tattoo is incredibly small, and it's pretty amazing how legible it is. The sentiment is sweet, whimsical, and perhaps a little sentimental, if it's referring to a specific person.

  • "Mrs." Small Hand Tattoo


    A pretty romantic small hand tattoo idea is to get "Mrs." tattooed on the ring finger. It looks so pretty next to her rock!

  • Butterfly Small Hand Tattoo


    This butterfly illustration has a depth effect that makes it as if it could fly off the person's hand. The faded blue color gives it a pretty vintage vibe. 

  • Genie Lamp Small Hand Tattoo


    Although all these small hand tattoos are cute, the genie lamp is an especially creative choice. It's magical and delicate, and it works well with the other small hand tattoos. 

  • Sunflower Small Hand Tattoo


    We love how this bright sunflower is placed on the hand. The stem follows the finger while the larger part of the hand it utilized for the flower head. The colors and line work are stunning. 

  • Anchor Small Hand Tattoo


    An anchor is a popular tattoo idea, but the simplicity and placement of this design make it look totally perfect. An anchor can symbolize strength and stability. 

  • Beach Small Hand Tattoo


    For beach lovers, ocean-themed micro tattoos are perfect. The combination of the sun, the wave, and the fish coordinate so well. And the order they were placed in on her hand is very clever -- just where they'd be in nature.

  • Lion Small Hand Tattoo


    This realistic lion head illustration is so detailed, it's breathtaking! The tattoo artist did such an amazing job working on such a tiny area! 

  • King & Queen Small Hand Tattoos


    These matching couple's tattoos are too cute! To show they're truly a royal pair, they used the king and queen of hearts symbols and font from a deck of cards! Adorable. 

  • Superheroes Small Hand Tattoo


    Not only are her nails mesmerizing, but those finger tattoos are so fun! True DC Comics fans will totally appreciate this. 

  • Ring Small Hand Tattoo


    Sometimes a basic ring tattoo is enough for some edgy hand ink. This chandelier-like design is perfect for someone who wants something small and simple -- and who doesn't want to have to wear actual jewelry.  

  • Tropical Small Hand Tattoo


    This tiny tropical scenery is gorgeous -- like a painting on a teeny canvas! The little touch of red really gives it that warmth and happiness of being at the beach.

  • Initial Small Hand Tattoo


    If someone wants a super simple finger tattoo, then how about an initial? This cursive lettering is very pretty and it makes a pretty hand accessory. 

  • "Shhh" Small Hand Tattoo


    Getting "Shhh..." on the pointer finger is a very clever and cool hand tattoo idea. In fact, singer Rihanna has one like this as well. 

  • Dragonfly Small Hand Tattoo


    A dragonfly represents change and self-realization. This tiny one makes the perfect micro hand tattoo. 


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