I Found the Best Plus-Size Swimsuits for Under $30

cheap plus-size swimwear
Leah Cooper/CafeMom

Shopping for a new bathing suit can feel extremely stressful. I often think I'm going to walk into the store and have fun trying on different styles, but instead the lack of options and sizes ends up giving me anxiety and making me hyper aware of all my "flaws." Sometimes I am able to find a cute swimsuit that makes me feel comfortable and confident, but many times it has come down to the day before vacation or a beach trip, and I just grab the first thing that seems to fit alright. And on top of all that, they almost always seem to be overpriced!


Like shopping for jeans, it is important to find a bathing suit that is comfortable, is easy to move around in, and hugs the curves correctly. Wearing a swimsuit in public can make anyone feel exposed, but it can be an even harder experience when society has consistently taught us to hide our cellulite and tummy rolls and chubby arms. 

Finding swimwear that we feel completely happy in can already seem impossible -- and for plus-size women (like myself) it can feel especially difficult. That's why many of us are willing to drop tons of money on the first thing we feel okay in. However, there are actually some pretty good options out there that don't involve breaking the bank. 

I tried on six different plus-size swimsuits -- at $30 and under, all of them could be considered  "cheap" -- to see if it really is possible to feel good in something that doesn't cost way too much money. And let's just say, I was pleasantly surprised. 

blue swimsuit
Leah Cooper/CafeMom

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