30 Mommy-Daughter Outfits Inspired by Adorable Celeb Parents & Their Kids

Kayla Boyd | Apr 23, 2018 Beauty & Style
30 Mommy-Daughter Outfits Inspired by Adorable Celeb Parents & Their Kids

chrissy teigen and luna matching

One thing that a lot of moms love to do when they have a daughter is coordinate outfits! Whether it's all the time or just for holiday photos, it is a common thing for a parent to want to match her kid for a picture-perfect moment. Some people think it is cheesy, but a lot of folks feel it is totally adorable -- including tons of the celebrity moms out there! 

Some celebrity moms, like Coco Austin and Kim Kardashian, like to match with their daughters all the time! Even Beyonce has been seen frequently dressing her daughter in a matching designer dress. Other celebrity moms might not do it all the time, but Halloween and Christmas are popular times to see twinning mommy-daughter duos across social media. 

And mommy-daughter outfits don't have to be identical to be adorable either. Sometimes it is all in the color scheme or the accessories. It can be a really fun thing to do, especially for a special occasion. Mariah Carey and Pink have matched their daughters for award shows, and Jessica Simpson twinned with her daughter for Easter. 

Maybe some of these celebrity mother-daughter looks can inspire other moms and daughters to give it a try! Here are 30 totally cute mommy-daughter outfits that celebrities rocked with their kids. 

chrissy teigen and luna matching

  • Katie Holmes & Suri Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise matching
    Jackson Lee/Splash News

    Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise took a stroll through NYC in matching black-and-white outfits. This is such an easy look for other moms and daughters to adapt! 

  • Pink & Willow Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    pink and daughter at vma's
    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

    At the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Pink and her daughter arrived in matching suits! It was a phenomenal look! 

  • Kylie Jenner & Stormi Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    New mom Kylie Jenner recently took to Instagram to share this adorable photo of her and Stormi! They are perfectly coordinated in all white everything. 

  • Mariah Carey & Monroe Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    mariah carey and daughter kids choice awards
    ParisaMichelle/Splash News

    Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey took thier their twins to Nickelodeon's 2018 Kids' Choice Awards in March. Mariah and her daughter looked super cute in their edgy leather jackets and black skinny jeans! 

  • Beyonce & Blue Ivy Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Beyonce always matches with her daughter Blue Ivy for special events. These Mother's Day dresses were flawless! 

  • Coco & Chanel Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Coco Austin loves to dress her little girl exactly like her! These casual looks are so cute because both of their shirts have each other's names on them! Adorable. 

  • Kim Kardashian & North Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    kim kardashian and north west silver dresses
    Splash News

    Kim Kardashian often coordinates with North, but this look was definitely one of their most iconic. Those metallic dresses are showstoppers! 

  • Black Chyna & Dream Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Black Chyna matched with both her son, King, and her daughter, Dream, in these cute striped pajamas. They look so cozy! 

  • Farrah Abraham & Sophia Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia both dressed up as The Little Mermaid's Ariel for Halloween last year. It looks like they had a lot of fun.

  • Chrissy Teigen & Luna Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    When model Chrissy Teigen was shooting for her cookbook, she took to Instagram to share this amazing photo! She and Luna are beyond cute in their matching avocado bodysuits. 

  • Tamara Ecclestone & Sophia Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Tamara Ecclestone and daughter Sophia
    Splash News

    British model Tamara Ecclestone and her daughter Sophia Ecclestone-Rutland were wearing matching outfits while out for lunch in West Hollywood. That print is great for spring/summer and looks so cute on both of them! 

  • Padma Lakshmi & Krishna Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi likes to match with her daughter a lot too. This photo of them is perfect! And how cute are those headbands!? 

  • Sarah Jessica Parker, Marion & Tabitha Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Jackson Lee/Splash News

    Sarah Jessica Parker wore matching jackets with her twins Marion and Tabitha on the way to school. They all look so stylish! 

  • Elizabeth Woods, Jordyn & Jodie Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Plus-size model Jordyn Woods matched with her mom and little sisters for one of her events. Those jackets are amazing! 

  • Reese Witherspoon & Ava Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe
    Splash News

    Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillippe visited Paris looking very chic and coordinated. They are twinning from head to toe! 

  • Kris Jenner & Kim Kardashian Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    kris jenner and kim kardashian matching
    Jacson/Splash News

    No matter how old we get, there are still ways to twin with our moms and look fashionable! Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian wore these all-black outfits and large sunglasses together and totally killed it. 

  • Kate Middleton & Princess Charlotte Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Kate Middleton & Princess Charlotte coordinating
    Paul Marriott/Splash News

    The royal family can often be seen color coordinating. We are loving these bright pinks on both Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte! 

  • Victoria Beckham & Harper Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Victoria Beckham & Harper
    Thelonius/Splash News

    Victoria Beckham always looks so ... posh! And she's sharing that with her daughter. Here they were seen in coordinating clean, white tops. 

  • Tina Knowles & Beyonce Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    In this epic three-generation photo, Beyonce's mom, Tina Knowles, joined the party! This Halloween look was everything! 

  • Jennifer Lopez & Emme Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    jennifer lopez and daughter emme
    J. Webber/Splash News

    Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme look comfortable and cute in their matching sweats. We love this cozy mommy-daughter moment! 

  • Kourtney Kardashian & Penelope Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    kourtney kardashian and penelope disick
    Jaxson/Splash News

    Kourtney Kardashian was seen leaving an office building with her daughter, Penelope. They both are wearing white tees and black pants for a simple yet stylish twinning moment. 

  • Eva Chen & Ren Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Influencer Eva Chen often posts cute pictures with her kids. Although her toddler Ren doesn't look too happy, we can't get over how cute those matching coats are! 

  • Jessica Alba & Honor Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Jessica Alba & Honor
    PSD/Splash News

    Actress Jessica Alba took her daughter Honor shopping for her fifth birthday. They looked so great in their edgy black-and-pink ensembles. 

  • Cindy Crawford & Kaia Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerbe
    Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

    At the Daily Front Row's 4th Annual Fashion Media Awards, model Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia Gerber wore gorgeous black dresses with similar hair and shoes. They look like twins! 

  • Busy Philipps & Birdie Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Busy Philipps's daughter Birdie looks like her true mini-me! They nailed it! 

  • Julianne Moore & Liv Mommy-Daughter Outfits

    Julianne Moore and daughter Liv Freundlich
    Robert O'neil/Splash News

    Julianne Moore and her daughter Liv Freundlich both wore black puffy coats and dark denim while they spent some time together in New York City. 

  • Teresa Giudice & Milania Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    For her daughter's birthday, reality star Teresa Giudice posted this fabulous picture of them in white rompers. So cute! 

  • Jessica Simpson & Maxwell Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Jessica Simpson and her daughter wore matching dresses for this family Easter picture. They looks so pretty in those pink florals! 

  • Chelsea Houska & Aubree Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Even just an accessory can make the ultimate mommy-daughter look! Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska and her little girl look fab in these pink sunglasses. Chels wrote on Instagram: "I love twinning with my mini-me." 

  • Kim Zolciak & Brielle Mommy-Daughter Outfits


    Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle were twinning on Instagram in white crop tops. They also always seem to have the same glam when it comes to their long hair and makeup. 

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