Sonogram Nail Art Is the Coolest New Way to Announce a Pregnancy

sonogram nail art
Sarah Clarke/Facebook

We have all seen moms-to-be announce their pregnancies by gifting grandparents a framed sonogram pic or by posting their baby sonograms on social media -- but, it's not exactly common to see those sweet little images on someone's nails! Well, that's exactly what UK beautician Sarah Clarke did for mom-to-be Stacey Donaldson. And the results are pretty mesmerizing! So much so that we can't help but wonder if this might be the next viral nail art trend.

  • Sarah Clarke's "baby scan nails" have gone viral on social media -- and we can totally see why!

    Sarah -- who has her own salon, SARenity Hair and Beauty, in Stockton-on-Tees, England -- told PRETTY52

    "I created that nail with firstly applying the acrylic nail and painted the picture by copying her scan picture using paint and a fine brush." 

    She continued: 

    "It has proven to be very popular with existing clients and people from all over requesting it also. I have now got quite a few people booked in for these, including a few people who have lost their babies and want it for an occasion."

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  • A full set of these nails costs £40 (that's roughly $57 USD).

    The full creation for Stacey is an "unknown gender" design that features both pink and blue gems. 


  • Sarah is now booked out weeks in advance, so she came up with a cool way to serve even more pregnant moms who wish to have her sonogram nail art.

    In a Facebook post, Sarah wrote: 

    "Due to an unbelievable amount of demand for the scan nails I have decided to offer them on an express tip.

    I hate to disappoint people by not giving them an appointment and I'm booked up two weeks in advance minimum now. So if you send me your scan pic with your full name and address, I will put the picture onto a tip that you can then get a nail tech to apply for you. Also this offer is available to other nail techs so they can apply them to their own clients.

    The nail will be sent in a presentation box so you can keep the tip as a keepsake as many people have already asked for."

  • With all the attention these nails are getting, we wouldn't be surprised if other nail technicians started to try it.

    Is this set to be the new nail trend for expectant mamas?! It's certainly a fun and stylish way to show your baby's first photo to the world. 

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