How to Tie a Scarf 35 Different Ways

Kayla Boyd | Apr 24, 2018 Beauty & Style
How to Tie a Scarf 35 Different Ways
Image: Leah Cooper/CafeMom

how to tie a scarf
Leah Cooper/CafeMom

Accessories have the power to take a simple outfit and completely transform it. Adding a large necklace or an awesome pair of sunglasses can really elevate a look. And one of the best accessories for taking an outfit to the next level is a scarf. A scarf can be worn in so many different ways, and depending on how it gets tied, the same scarf can be made to look completely different each time it's worn. 

The greatest thing about scarves is its versatility. They can be made to look amazing with jeans, with leggings, or with a dress. They can be dressed up or dressed down. And no mater how they are worn, it's always a nice way to add a pop of color or a fun print to an outfit. Even a plain black scarf has the ability to make an outfit look more interesting. 

Another wonderful thing about scarves is that depending on the material, they can be worn almost any time of year. Of course many people use thick scarves to keep warm in the winter and fall, but in the spring and summer a thinner scarf can still be worn for style purposes. 

With all of the different scarf options out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out new ways to wear one. So, here are 35 different ways to tie a scarf -- and if we can do it then anyone can! 

Bow Tied Scarf
Leah Cooper/CafeMom

  • French Knot Scarf

    french knot scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    The French knot is a cute take on a more simple look. It's a classy style with a little extra detail. 

  • French Knot Scarf How-To


    Fold the scarf in half lengthwise and put it around the neck. Take one loose end and pull it over and under the scarf loop. Then, take the second end piece and go under and over the same loop.

  • Braided Scarf

    Braided scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This one looks complicated, but it's not hard to figure out after it's started. Once in rhythm, it will feel like braiding hair. 

  • Braided Scarf How-To


    Take a long scarf and put it around the neck. Tie a loose half knot with the ends. Take the right end and cross it over the left. Then pull it under the scarf loop and over. Let it hang down and grab the left end (now on the right side) and cross it over the other end and pull it up and over. Repeat until the ends are too short to loop. Knot the short end pieces together.

  • Neck Wrap Scarf

    Neck Wrap Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This one is very similar to an infinity scarf. However, by knotting the diagonal ends, it gives it that triangle shape. 

  • Neck Wrap Scarf How-To


    Fold the scarf in half lengthwise. Grab the diagonal ends and knot them together. Put it over the neck, then twist it and loop over the neck again. 

  • Knotted Necklace Scarf

    Knotted Necklace scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This one is super cute and serves as a great alternative to a statement necklace. The low-hanging knot appears unique and more complicated than it actually is. 

  • Knotted Necklace Scarf How-To


    Wrap the scarf around the neck. Take one end and wrap it around the hand. Pull it through to make a loose knot. Take the other loose end and pull it through the side knot, going under the knot loop and then over.

  • Knotted Shawl Scarf

    Knotted Shawl scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    The larger the scarf for this one, the better. The one I used was a little too small, but it still does the trick! 

  • Knotted Shawl Scarf How-To


    Wrap the scarf around the shoulders. Then make a regular knot in the back with the ends. Pull the scarf fabric down in the back to cover the ends.

  • Classic Pull Through Scarf

    Classic pull through scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom.

    This is a more common style. It's probably one that most people have tried before, but it still looks great! 

  • Classic Pull Through Scarf How-To


    Fold the scarf in half and put it around the neck. Pull both ends through the loop. 

  • Basic Loop Scarf

    basic loop scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    Another super easy way to wear a scarf. But, it still totally elevates a plain dress or top. 

  • Basic Loop Scarf How-To


    Put the scarf around neck and pull one end down longer than the other. Wrap that end around the neck once and let both ends hang.

  • Belted Scarf

    belted scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom
    This is a fun way to totally change up an outfit. Adding a scarf and a belt basically gave me a whole new dress! 
  • Belted Scarf How-To


    Drape the scarf evenly around the neck and let it hang. Fasten a belt over the scarf at the waist.

  • Tossed Scarf

    the toss scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This is a minimal effort, classic scarf look. Tossing it over the shoulder feels sassy (and even a tad boujee). 

  • Tossed Scarf How-To


    Drape the scarf evenly over the neck. Toss one end over the opposite shoulder. 

  • Neckerchief Scarf

    Neckerchief Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom
    This fun look gives me major Western vibes. It's not hard and it's really cute. 
  • Neckerchief Scarf How-To


    Fold the scarf in half twice, so it's rectangular. Fold the rectangle diagonally for a triangular shape. Take the two ends on the longest side of the triangle and tie it around the neck.

  • Reverse Drape Scarf

    Reverse Drape Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This scarf look is typically used with more formal attire. But, for those who don't want the scarf ends hanging in their way or blocking the front design of their outfit, this could be a good alternative. 

  • Reverse Drape Scarf How-To


    Drape the scarf evenly around the neck. Toss one end of the scarf over one shoulder. Toss the other end over the opposite shoulder. 

  • Front Tie Scarf

    Front Tie Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This look is simple, but it's all about how the knot is positioned. Just by slightly adjusting it and fluffing, it gives a whole new way to wear an old scarf. 

  • Front Tie Scarf How-To


    Drape the scarf evenly around the neck. Cross and tie the two ends in the center. Adjust so that one is layered over the other, and fluff to cover the knot. 

  • Large Bow Scarf

    Large Bow Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This is one of my favorites! It was a little hard for me to get it the first couple of times, but it's actually not too complicated. It's such a fun, over-the-top look. 

  • Large Bow Scarf How-To


    Drape the scarf unevenly around neck. With the longer end, form a loop in an upward movement. Hold the middle of the loop. Take the shorter side of the scarf and wrap it over the loop where it's being held. This wrapping motion should go toward the body. After the shorter end is brought around the loop to form the bow, pull that end through the middle. Pull it to make it tight and fluff the sides of the bow. 

  • Knotted Loop Scarf

    Knotted Loop Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This scarf look is a little more common. It lies close to the neck so it's good if one doesn't want to block the front of a dress or top. 

  • Knotted Loop Scarf How-To


    Drape the scarf around the neck so one end is longer. Loop the longer end around the neck twice. Tie the ends off to the side.

  • Faux Infinity Scarf

    Faux Infinity scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This process is pretty much the same as the one for the "neck wrap." The difference is that the length of the scarf can depend on where one ties it. This style is tied on the sides across from each other (not the opposite diagonals), giving it more length and more of a circular look -- like an infinity scarf. 

  • Faux Infinity Scarf How-To


    Knot the two opposite corners of the scarf together to create a circle. Wrap it over the head with the knot hidden behind the neck. 

  • The Wrap Scarf

    the wrap scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This is a good one to keep warm. Wear it on a breezy summer night or as an extra layer during the fall. 

  • The Wrap Scarf How-To


    Wrap the scarf evenly around the shoulders and spread out the fabric. Pull one end across the body. Toss the other end across the opposite shoulder. This look can also be secured with a safety pin used in the shoulder area. 

  • Sleeved Shawl Scarf

    Sleeved Shawl Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This scarf style is cool because it can give sleeves to something that doesn't have them. Or if a top does have sleeves (like mine) it can add an extra layer for warmth. 

  • Sleeved Shawl Scarf How-To


    Drape the scarf over shoulders like a shawl. Then take the two corners on one side and tie them together to make an armhole. Do the same thing on the other side. 

  • Double Hanging Knots Scarf

    Double Hanging Knots Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    Simple, yet chic! Although this look seems super obvious, I actually hadn't ever thought of wearing a scarf like this before! 

  • Double Hanging Knots Scarf How-To


    Drape the scarf evenly around the neck. Take one end and make a knot toward the bottom. Do the same thing on the other side and let them hang. 

  • Headband Scarf

    Headband Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This scarf look doubles as a new hairstyle for anyone who hasn't tried it before. It's so cute and perfect for keeping hair out of the way during warmer months. 

  • Headband Scarf How-To


    Fold the scarf in half horizontally. Wrap it around head and make a double knot in the front. Take the two loose ends and pull them back to tuck in the band. 

  • Looped Choker Scarf

    Looped Choker Scarf
    Leah Cooper/CafeMom

    This choker look is really different than anything I've tried before! It's pretty cool since chokers have been back in style recently. Plus, it still has that elegant scarf look to it. 

  • Looped Choker How-To


    Drape scarf evenly over the neck. Make a twist with the two ends in the front. Then pull the ends up and around the neck, knotting them in the back.