Glitter Birkenstocks Have Officially Arrived & People Are NOT Here for It

glitter birkenstocks
Opening Ceremony

When it comes to the Birkenstock slip-ons, folks often associate the comfortable footwear with "drab." Typically described as "Jesus" sandals, these leathery shoes have a reputation for showing up on the soles of bohemian-styled hippies or paired with tube socks on touristy dads. But the days of that boring shoe are totally behind us, as Opening Ceremony has officially (and exclusively) introduced glitter Birkenstocks to the world ... and no one is quite sure how to process it. 

  • The sparkly shoes are a huge departure from their simple origins, and they retail for a pretty penny.

    Available in both purple and silver and in US sizes ranging from 5 to 11, the sandal Birkenstocks are $145 a pair.  

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  • And yes, there is a clog version available too.

    These will run you $155 a pair

  • At first, people were pretty convinced this was an April Fools' prank.

    birkenstock post.

    And from there, the comments went off. 

  • There were even a few who were actually all about them and were ready to get "extra AF" this summer ...

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  • But people overall couldn't believe these were even created.

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  • This may be one trend we're thinking of skipping entirely. 

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