50 Gorgeous Small Wrist Tattoos To Always Flaunt

Kathleen Wong | Mar 15, 2018 Beauty & Style
50 Gorgeous Small Wrist Tattoos To Always Flaunt

wrist tattoo

Like permanent bracelets, wrist tattoos are some of the most elegant pieces of ink. Wrist tattoos are easy to show off and, unlike back tattoos or rib tattoos, are always in our line of sight. But at the same time, wrists provide a smaller canvas than the back or ribs, making tattoos there inherently understated and delicate by size. This unique combo makes the wrist a perfect place for anyone who wants to show off a stunning piece of ink without being too flashy.  

Even though the wrist is one of the smaller areas of their bodies, people can still get creative with the types of tattoos they want to put there. They can have something wrap around it, or they can have something extend down to their hand; the list of possibilities is truly endless -- especially because we have two wrists to adorn!

As far as pain goes, one would assume the wrist is a tender area. I mean, just look at those blue veins on the inside! Ouch, right? Kind of, according to Bustle -- the inside of the wrist has both thin skin and many nerves, so it's a delicate area. But many people also say that the wrist hurt less than tattoos on, say, their foot or rib cage. So we're still rooting for wrist tats!

For anyone who is intrigued by small wrist tattoos, look no further! We've gathered 50 gorgeous wrist tats that are sure to spark some inspiration. 


  • True Minimalism


    This minimalist black ink, small wrist tattoo acts like a simple and chic bracelet. Not only does it look like a delicate and modern piece of jewelry at first glance, but also it has a subtle feel that's as elegant as can be.

  • Feathered Arrow


    This wrist tattoo of a feathered arrow is so cute! We think the tattoo artist hit a bullseye with the black ink design and unusual placement on the outside of the wrist instead of the more traditional top or more painful inner side. 

  • Delicate forget-me-nots


    This black ink outer wrist tattoo of three forget-me-not blossoms is delicate but still dazzling nonetheless! Plus, the number of petals and blooms can be uniquely symbolic to each person. 

  • Grandmother Tribute


    This person dedicated a meaningful wrist tattoo to a grandmother! We love the use of the grandmother's handwriting, as well as the watercolor wings of the bird, for an emotional and permanent reminder of grandma's love. 

  • Roses


    These artistic black roses are an undeniably gorgeous addition to the body! We wouldn't be able to look away from the sketch details if they adorned our wrists. 

  • Watercolor Florals


    This artistic watercolor wrist tattoo provides such a splash of vivid color onto the owner's wrist. It looks like springtime all the time on that arm and adds a bright pop for a floral ink accessory. 

  • Compass


    The owner of this tattoo will never be lost with this elegant compass tattoo on the wrist! Not only is the mini size a minimalistic touch, but also the dainty black details complete the understated design.

  • Lily of the Valley


    How stunning is this stem of lily of the valley blooms? Apparently, these flowers symbolize love and devotion! And with the black ink and perfect placement, this wrist tattoo has us swooning.  

  • Goldfish


    We wouldn't mind having this adorable little goldfish swimming up our arm too, especially because it's such a rich shade of orange! Plus, the watercolor feel elevates the design to a next-level tattoo.

  • Cherry Blossoms


    How gorgeous are these blooming cherry blossoms for a permanent piece of body art? From the sweet shade of pink to the fine line details throughout, this piece of ink is incredibly elegant. 

  • Beauty & the Beast


    This tattoo is simple, gorgeous, and perfect for fans of Beauty and the Beast! The minimalist design gets the sentiment across without being too flashy.

  • Ornamental Dots


    This black dotwork wrist tattoo is both elegant and feminine; we don't think there's a bracelet out there that could live up to this floral design!

  • Blue Bird


    This bright watercolor wrist tattoo of a flying bird with a yellow belly is so gorgeous that blue might just be our new favorite color. 

  • Jeweled


    This ornamental mandala-inspired black wrist tattoo is an absolutely striking addition to the arm! From the dotwork to the shading and fine lines, the details on this piece of art are hard to ignore. 

  • Geometric Moon


    This delicate dotwork tattoo of a moon with dripping stars is very subtle, yet still stunning. It's perfect for someone who doesn't want a showy piece of ink and appreciates the smaller details.

  • Foliage


    This person really took advantage of the shape of her wrist by having the vine of leaves wrap around it! It's a modern yet still romantic take on a traditional floral tattoo that turned out truly stunning.

  • Flowered Moon


    This small wrist flower tattoo is feminine but still understated, because it's basically done in grayscale, except for the eye-catching pops of pink and blue blooms. 

  • Be Brave


    The owner of this small tattoo now has a simple and elegant reminder to always "be brave." The powerful words set in such a delicate script font makes for the perfect pairing wherever someone decides to put it.

  • Lotus


    The fine lines on this lotus are so impressive! The artistic line details and off-center placement really adds to the grace of the tattoo, while the strong meaning behind the flowers leaves a powerful impact.  

  • Semicolon


    A minimalist semicolon tattoo isn't just for grammar enthusiasts. This small piece of impact packs an important punch, often representing solidarity against suicide and mental health struggles.  

  • Spider


    We're not afraid of this spider seemingly crawling down a wrist -- because it's so stunning. It's definitely an edgy tattoo option that makes a bold statement!

  • Geometric Fox


    This geometric fox tattoo is so cute! We wouldn't mind looking at this little guy all the time. Plus, it's an interesting conversation starter as some might not notice the foxy friend at first glance.

  • Ladybug


    If a ladybug lands on someone then it's supposed to be good luck, right? So does this beautiful red ladybug wrist tattoo give the lucky owner infinite luck? We'll definitely take this permanent lucky charm! 

  • Hibiscus


    This bright orange hibiscus flower tattoo has very little black ink in it, giving it a bright and summery feel. Anyone else ready to go to the beach after eyeing this cheery wrist design?!

  • Shamrock


    This simple black outline tattoo must be lucky! We love how it's done in a minimalist style for a subtle lucky charm that's always there!

  • Ombré Hearts


    How pretty are these three red ombré hearts? Their fading look is perfect for those who want an original twist on the classic heart tattoo idea on their wrist. 

  • It Calls Me


    It's safe to assume that the owner of this whimsical black wave outline tattoo has an affinity for the ocean, right? The message is crystal clear: It calls, and we feel it too after seeing this tat!

  • Simple Triangles


    Fans of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying will love this clean, minimalist wrist tattoo. The sleek, understated design certainly sparks joy. Heck, even non-fans will too!

  • Mom Tribute


    How classic is this tat tribute to one's first love: mom? It's done in an American traditional tattoo style, and we're sure the owner's mother would be proud to be honored in this meaningful way.

  • Still I Rise


    Although we love the font of this quote tattoo, we appreciate the phrase even more! The simple and delicate text is a powerful reminder that everyone needs at some point. 

  • Geometric


    Fans of geometric tattoos will love this edgy black arrows wrist tattoo! Although the dotwork is stunning, so are the sharp lines and shape placement.

  • Floral Bouquet


    For a soft and feminine tattoo that's still striking, look no further than this floral version. The artistic bouquet black outline filled with blossoming buds is edgy while still romantic. 

  • Mandala


    This black mandala wrist tattoo is bold, yet still very elegant! We love how the artist used shading to make it stand out on top of the wrist. 

  • Tiny Lettering


    How cute is this tiny little "W" tattooed on the side of someone's wrist? This ink proves that the wrist is the perfect place for small tats, especially a meaningful letter, and leaves people wondering what it might stand for. 

  • Floral Stem


    This floral wrist tattoo is so whimsical. If it were on our wrist, we wouldn't want to cover it up with any bracelets and would instead show off the romantic winding stem.

  • Douglas Fir


    Nature-lovers will be obsessed with this wrist tattoo of a strong Douglas fir. If we think about it, the wrist is the perfect shape for showing off a towering tree tat like that!

  • Floral Wristlet


    This ombre floral wristlet tattoo was done in shades of red and pink, making it understated and quite sophisticated. The whimsical feel of the flowers wrapping around the wrist with the pink hues create a soft combination.

  • Butterfly


    This black and white butterfly wrist tattoo is both edgy and feminine at the same time! We'd tote it on our arms too. 

  • Eyelashes


    Fans of makeup will surely love this cheeky eyelash tattoo! The wrist is a clever spot for such a tat that says a lot without incorporating a single word.

  • Space Odyssey


    Having a little space scene tattooed on our wrist would definitely remind us of just how big the universe is. The simple black design is out of this world!

  • Tiny Cross


    The person with this tattoo found a way to express faith through ink! The tiny cross sits perfectly on the inside of the wrist. It's equally subtle and impactful in its placement and design. 

  • Turtle


    If we had a tattoo of this cute little turtle surrounded by flowers, we would flaunt our wrist all the time! It's impossible not to be happy when anyone sees this friend swimming. 

  • Small Flower


    This black and white tattoo of a lily design is elegant and perfect for someone who doesn't want a heavy piece of ink but still wants something striking. The floral tat looks perfect blooming up the arm, if you ask us!

  • Green Leaf


    This little green leaf tattoo is fitting for people who love nature but don't want to commit to a whole tree. The shaded detail also makes it pop on the arm. 

  • Watercolor Wave


    Wave tattoos are a perfect example of an elegant but simple tat. This splash of colorful watercolor details gives this unique wrist tattoo and extra splash of life. 

  • Dandelion & Birds


    What a wonderful idea to have the two wrists work together like this! We're obsessed with the idea as well as the execution -- the subtle way the seeds blowing away bloom into flying birds is perfection. 

  • Paper Planes


    How whimsical is this paper plane tattoo? It's so simple but so sweet. This wrist tattoo proves that it doesn't take a lot of ink to create a timeless piece.

  • Ornate Geometry


    This geometric wrist tattoo definitely pleases both fans of modern tattoos and fans of more ornate pieces of ink!

  • Breathe


    This wrist tattoo of a grayscale lotus and the word "breathe" would definitely calm us down. The whimsical tattoo with shading details is a lovely reminder to relax and stay strong. 

  • Coordinates


    The owner of this tattoo paid tribute to a meaningful location by having the longitude and latitude tattooed on their wrist. We can't believe the detail in this tattoo that's about the size of a quarter! 


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