Cover Up Zits Like a Pro With These Makeup Artist–Approved Tips

Cover Up Zits Like a Pro With These Makeup Artist–Approved Tips
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VladimirFLoyd/iStock by Getty Images

While it’s important to let pimples, zits, and blemishes breathe a bit, there are times (we’re talking important meetings, special occasions, etc.) when going makeup-free clearly isn’t an option. And yes, we definitely know sometimes covering pimples can make them worse, but it's great to know that there are preventive and not to mention effective ways to wear makeup, without making that humongous zit get any worse.

Of course, foundation and concealer can go a long way in achieving a flawless face, but in order to cover a zit properly, it's important to invest in the right tools (think flat concealer brushes and even liquid bandages) and not to mention helpful makeup artist–approved tips that actually work. Green tinted products (yes, really), for example, can make all the difference, especially since they work to conceal any noticeable redness in a flash. 

In addition, the way in which products are applied is equally important, especially since setting powders that are caked on too much can make zits look worse than they already appear. 

To help hide away frustrating zits without making them worse, we spoke to a handful of makeup artists to help set the record straight on how to do the job right. Here are 15 of their go-to tips and tricks to cover zits like a makeup pro. Trust us, it may be helpful to write some of these down next time a big event comes up on the calendar.

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