Ashley Graham's Racy Bra Ad Fails Plus-Size Women in a Major Way


Ashley Graham has always been a model on a mission. Her goal? To help bigger women really own their curves and feel sexy in their bodies. She does this in practically all facets of her life -- from her personal Instagram to the products she advertises. But her recent promotion has some bigger women feeling pretty left out

  • For her lingerie line with Addition Elle, Ashley recently posted a sexy advertisement featuring several curvy women to show off bras that cater to bigger sizes.

    The entire campaign centers around what your "size sexy" is, which on the surface seems to just be reiterating the point that women's curves are sexy at every size -- "even" bigger women's.

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  • But the truth is that the Ashley Graham x Addition Elle line caters to a very specific kind of curvy woman.

    The smallest size available is a 38C, with the largest only going to a 42H. 

  • While a lot of fans were super into it (especially since bras can be harder to shop for as the size gets larger) ...

  • ... several pointed out that the ad (and the product itself) forgets about an even less conventional body type: biggers girls with smaller breasts.

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  • And a few pointed out that the H cup / 42 band is pretty limiting as well.

  • While every product can't always cater to EVERY body type, it is important to hold brands and influencers accountable when it comes to body positivity.

    Since body positivity was really a social movement that's been mined for money, public figures and outlets have a special responsibility to be mindful of the language they use. Promoting "sexy at every size" for plus-size women really does need to include fat women of every size. And sadly neither the ad nor the product does in this case.  

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