50 Magical Makeup Tricks That Are Easy to Master

Danielle Mansutti/YouTube

Makeup is a powerful tool to have. An eyeliner might as well be one of those wands in Harry Potter. A pot of concealer is like a pot of gold. Hairspray is a magical mist to keep 'dos in check. What can't we do with a full makeup bag?! Nothing. Makeup can help us look more awake and refreshed, even when we're running on no sleep -- and let's be real, we probably are. Although all of this is only true if we know all the ways in which we can use these tools. 

Mastering makeup can feel intimidating and overwhelming if we're not veterans at it (okay, who taught makeup classes in high school and didn't tell me?). Watching beauty bloggers on Instagram on YouTube can make us feel like we have no idea what we're doing when we open a tube of mascara -- or at least, don't know how to fully unleash the power of it.

Well, hath no fear. We scoured the entire Internet and rounded up 50 of the best tips, tricks, hacks, and tutorials to revamp anyone's beauty routine. Looking for contouring tips? We got it. Want to know how to have whiter teeth -- or least give the illusion of it? Look no further. Want to know how to wash those strangely shaped beauty blenders? We have that too. Our beauty routine will never be the same. 

Read on for 50 magical beauty tricks that are so easy there's no reason not to incorporate them into our beauty routine.