Ashley Graham & Her Fam Hilariously Discussed Her 'Bush' in a Group Text


Family dynamics are unique to each kin. Some fams are more open with each other than others. But after seeing a hilarious group text, I think we can all agree that model Ashley Graham and her family tree may have just set the bar for #familygoals. 

  • You see, Ashley posted a steamy swimsuit video on Instagram earlier this week.

    The video, which was for Sports Illustrated's 2018 Swimsuit Issue, featured Ashley frolicking on the beach of the Caribbean island of Nevis. 

    In one scene, Ashley teases audiences by pulling down on her red bikini bottoms. 

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  • And that scene became the topic for a group text between her, her mom, her husband, and her sister -- well, more specifically, the absence of her "bush" became the topic.


    Her husband, Justin Ervin, started the convo by scribbling a "bush" onto a shot of Ashley in the red bikini. 

    "You wish your bush looked like mine," Ashley replied.

    Her sister chimed in with a riff on Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," while her mom let everyone know that she doesn't have a bush "and it's divine." 

  • No topic seems to be off-limits to the Grahams!

  • No, really. Last year in an interview with Glamour, Ashley reassured fans, "Honey, I have a full bush. Period."

    This discourse is definitely refreshing to hear from someone in the fashion industry, but judging by the recent swimsuit vid, we're not so sure that statement currently rings true.

    Either way, we love Ashley's realness -- and now we see who she gets it from! (And on that note, would anyone else love to be adopted by the Grahams?)

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