50 of Kate Middleton's Best Makeup Looks

Kathleen Wong | Feb 28, 2018 Beauty & Style

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The Duchess of Cambridge has created a worldwide phenomenon known as the "Kate Effect." Everything that Kate touches or dons is instantly sold out. But that's no big mystery -- she's got great taste. Her style is flawlessly elegant and timeless, with just a dash of preppy. But we think that her style transcends her fashion taste. Her classic look is also translated through her makeup and beauty routine, and that's definitely worth noticing -- even copying!

The Duchess of Cambridge is always glowing, whether she's just stepping off a plane (hello, how can we look that radiant at the airport?) or attending a red carpet event in a ravishing gown. Her cheeks are always rosy, her lips subtle, and her eye makeup, while always in dark neutrals, is often just dramatic enough to make a scene. But her makeup never looks harsh, bold, or too over-the-top. 

She's the perfect beauty icon for someone who wants to channel an understated glam vibe. (And isn't that what Kate Middleton does best?)

Kate's down-to-earth sense of beauty is so real that, apparently, she did her own makeup for her wedding back in 2011. Yes, folks, the Duchess of Cambridge had a royal wedding and didn't have a makeup entourage following her every move.

Now that's a relatable beauty icon we can all get behind! For some beauty inspiration, we gathered up 50 of Kate Middleton's best makeup looks. 

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