This Husband Made Fun of His Wife's Makeover & the Internet Taught Him a Lesson


As every teen movie from the '90s taught us, if we ever get a makeover and slowly walk down a curved staircase for the grand reveal, those around us should be stunned by our newly awoken beauty. For Haleigh Evette's mom and dad, however, that was not the case -- and the Internet taught her dad a lesson for the way he acted.

  • On Twitter, Haleigh Evette shared how her dad hurt her mom's feelings after she did her mom's makeup for her.

    ... which is totally rare, by the way, since her mom, Terri, never wears makeup and doesn't know anything about it, Haleigh Evette tells CafeMom. When Terri saw how she looked, she was "super happy" and went to ask her husband for his opinion. Unexpectedly, he totally laughed at her and joked that her highlighter blinded him.

    "It really upset her, all my siblings and I were mad at him ... " Haleigh Evette says. 

    So she turned to the Internet, and posted a picture of her mom because she figured her friends, who absolutely love her, would lift Terri up. 

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  • Immediately, Twitter came to Terri's rescue, with people left totally "shook" from her glow.

  • Others pointed out that her dad was just acting out of his own insecurity because now her mom is going to be the talk of the town.

  • One person also reminded us how Terri's makeup look isn't even for him anyway.


  • Apparently, Terri has been loving all of the support -- and her newfound fans.

    As for Haleigh Evette's dad, who tends to err on the "goofy" side, he definitely learned his lesson. When he realized that he hurt Terri's feelings, he apologized and reassured her that "she was beautiful, she had just surprised him since she never wears makeup."

  • We just hope that Terri never forgets how much she truly slays ...

    ... and that Haleigh Evette's dad will always and only shower Terri in well-deserved compliments.