A Galaxy Bath Bomb Just Dyed This Girl's Skin Bright Blue & It's Hilarious



The experience of a bath bomb is supposed to go like this: Have a stressful day, fill up the bath, drop that sucker in, watch it magically fizz, and then un-freaking-wind. Unfortunately, for Rebekah Butler, her recent experience with a bath bomb from the supermarket chain Kroger ended up being more stressful than relaxing. 

  • According to a Twitter post, a "galaxy bath bomb" dyed all of her skin below her head a bright blue.


    "I was in the bath for a solid five minutes and now I am a freaking SMURF," she wrote on Twitter, with a warning to others. 

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  • I mean, we won't disagree ...

  • The Twittersphere found Butler's misfortune to be hilarious.

  • And quickly made pop culture references to other blue skin mishaps.

  • These comparisons are scarily accurate.

  • Since we're all wondering about her well-being, it turns out that excessive scrubbing only slightly helped the problem.

    She shared in some now-hidden tweets that her hand was still tinted blue after 13 washes, according to vt.co.

    The bath bomb had no mercy on her bathtub either. It took her hours of scrubbing to get it back to normal. (Scrubbing the tub seems like the antithesis of her relaxing bath plans.)

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  • It seems like Butler isn't alone in being physically and literally scarred by a bath bomb.

    In 2016, a woman tweeted at Lush about how one of their bath bombs left her a bright pink. 

    (Don't worry, she survived!)

  • Well, I guess the moral of the story is that if you want to risk it for the bath bomb biscuit, choose a color you like.

    We're sure Butler will laugh about all of this in just a few weeks ... unless she's still tinted blue. 

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