This Hairstylist Shaved Her Entire Head to Make a Bold Statement About BS Beauty Standards


Society often equates long, luscious, just-stepped-out-of-a-salon, Kate Middleton–style hair to being beautiful. And in turn, those without those kinds of locks end up feeling unworthy and ashamed. But one New Orleans–based woman is defying those standards in a brave move that we're all here for. 

  • Dorin Azerad is a hairstylist who has trichotillomania, an impulsive control disorder focused around pulling out hair.

    It's a generally obscure condition, with not much awareness shed on it, and no known treatment. There's also no known cause, and it's currently looked at as a form of mental illness categorized on the obsessive-compulsive spectrum. About 1 to 2 percent of adults have the trichotillomania, which mainly affects females and starts in their adolescence, according to Mental Health America

    Those with trichotillomania -- especially teens -- tend to struggle with their body image and sexuality. "I've pushed people away from getting to know me and turned down opportunities because of my [condition]," Azerad, who has had the condition since 2001, told Revelist. "I even thought I would never find love because of [it]."

    It wasn't until recently that she found herself on the "path to acceptance." She hasn't worn a wig, headband, or hair piece in about a decade, but she realized it was time to take her journey further. 

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  • "I finally decided it's time to let my hair go," she continued. "Ta-da ... a shaved head!"

    Azerad was nervous to go through with the shaving, saying it was "nerve-racking."

    "Hair is such a big part of a person's identity ... especially a woman's," she told Revelist. "It's hard to see yourself destroy one of the things that society tells you makes you beautiful."

  • Now she's helping to redefine beauty standards.

    "It's all gone now and I can't say I miss it!" she wrote on Instagram.

    But she's doing more than just sharing her own personal story. She hopes that as a hairdresser, she can help those with trichotillomania and other hair loss conditions. "I was always terrified to go to hair salons growing up and I didn't want others to feel the same."

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  • In the comments, people heralded Azerad for being "brave" and a total "inspiration."

  • They especially gave her props for shedding light on an issue that not enough people talk about.

    We agree, and we wish her all the best in the empowering work she's doing. 

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