Husband Does 'Hilarious' Voice-Over for Wife's Makeup Tutorial but There's Really Nothing Funny About It


As a riff on the husband being clueless about the makeup that his wife loves, Crystal Gibbs, aka Beauty by a Bell on Facebook, posted a video featuring her husband that was meant to give audiences a laugh. Instead, it ended up shaming women who do love makeup, and siphoned everyone off into gender roles and stereotypes. 

  • The cringeworthy video consists of her husband doing a voice-over to one of her makeup tutorials.

    Basically, as the description reads, it's "What men really think when you do your makeup!!" In other words, he spends the entire video slamming her.

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  • While it's meant to be funny, he actually ends up being obnoxious and shame-y with his quips about the point of makeup.

    When she applies under-eye concealer to her face, he says, "Here we have another bottle of liquid bullshit that probably does the same thing as the last."

    He compares her to movie characters, har har.

    But then when she's contouring her chin, he says, "I wonder if this will help me hide my fucked up double chin."

    Oops, I forgot to laugh. Maybe let's not make fun of other people's chins or suggest that makeup is meant to make people look skinnier?

  • But then his comments get a little more insensitive, and he makes an unnecessary joke about assault.

    As she continued applying eyeshadow, he said, "Now we're going from a little pink-eye to 'you may have been a victim of assault.'"

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    With the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault against women, his joke arguably crosses a serious line. In essence, it detracts from the weight that assault has on its victims and their lives, and perpetuates that these things can be made light of. 

  • Near the end of the video, Gibbs's husband returns to being shame-y by implying that wearing too much makeup makes her unattractive.

    "Holy fuck, babe, put the thing down, Jesus, I think you get the point across," he says. 

    When she's almost done and takes a sip of wine, he goes, "Did I mention we're trying for another child? Nope, not tonight we're not."

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    In a later post, Gibbs addressed the video: "We know that our humor is not for everyone, and didn't expect it to be."

    But even if the video was meant to just be a joke and he was supposed to play the "husband who's clueless about makeup," the video pretty much just perpetuates the idea that we should shame women who do want to wear makeup if they please. 

    Let's just call it quits on these kinds of judgments, and hopefully outside of this video, he appreciates his wife with or without her full makeup look on and doesn't actually say those things. 

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