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50 Exquisite Neck Tattoos Everyone Will Want to Copy

neck tattoo

There are some stigmas attached to tattoos, but perhaps no placement gets as much scrutiny as anything close to or on the face. But with so many skilled tattoos artists out there these days, tattoos are truly works of art, showcasing amazing style on all parts of the body. We put together a collection of some beautiful neck tattoos that may challenge any preconceived notions that getting a tattoo in this spot isn't anything but lovely.

Simply put, neck tattoos can be so enchanting, whether it's on the back of the neck or right in the front. They look stunning when they cascade down the sides or wrap around. And we're in awe of how much of a statement they make whether they are part of a large concept tattoo or just a tiny and simple outline. 

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In our search to find some of the prettiest neck tattoos, we discovered that folks can never go wrong with flowers. All flowers are beautiful, but it's clear that the rose is a solid favorite -- though we also love the sprig tattoos. Going with black ink only is a classic choice and looks incredible if it's a thick line with lots of detail or something more delicate and light. Neck tattoos in color can be bold, but also subtle depending on the shading. But what we are most impressed with is how well all these women wear these tattoos -- they all feel empowering and adorned in the perfect way. Check out this collection of 50 neck tattoos and try to pick a favorite. 

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We love mandalas and dot work and this tattoo is no exception. It's really perfection on the neck in this exact placement.

4Like a bouquet.

Flowers will always be among our favorite tattoos, and this neck tattoo -- with the flowers seeming to grow upward -- is also among the finest.


This is perfect lettering for the lower neck and with a delicate hand.

24Highly decorated.

We love how bold and naturally the design flows from the sides of the neck down into the chest area. It's so intricate it almost looks like ornate jewelry. 

34Those colors.

The pinks in this tattoo look so lovely and totally make it pop in its placement.


These colors have a somewhat retro appeal, but they are so fresh and so pretty.


The gorgeous placement on this tattoo makes it feels like it belongs exactly there.

42Traditional style.

This traditional style tattoo looks great right across the throat.

43Perfect shading

The rose is a great choice for a tattoo in this spot and only a skilled artist can do this with precision. This one is amazing.


This floral neck tattoo is framed perfectly by the geometric design at the base of the neck. 

49Pretty bird.

Bold and bright, this neck tattoo still feels delicate because of the beautiful bird. 


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