Target Is Being Blasted for Selling a Makeup Bag That Tells People Not to be 'Ugly'

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In this day and age, many beauty companies have figured out how to successfully market to young women that they need this and that in order to look what the media considers to be beautiful. In the latest iteration of that, Target is being put on blast for selling a "cutesy" makeup bag that's considered to be sexist and tone-deaf to young girls and women everywhere. 

  • The $6.99 canvas makeup pouch has "Better Late Than Ugly" written on it with an image of eyelashes.

    "Whether you are packing your things for a getaway or looking for a cute way to organize your make-up, this canvas pouch from Tri-Coastal Design is the perfect accessory," the description on Target's website said. 

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  • On social media, speaker/activist Dana Suchow (or @dothehotpants) pointed out that the pouch implies that the most important thing about a woman is her appearance, rather than, you know, showing up on time.

    " ... Makeup bags like this are considered 'cute' and 'funny,' but the underlying message that we end up internalizing over and over, is that it's unacceptable to be ugly," she wrote on Instagram. "It's unacceptable to not always be striving for beauty. And that women's bodies exist solely for visual/sexual consumption."

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    Our society constantly scrutinizes women for how they look, whether it happens in the workplace or even just at the grocery store. Companies have learned how to exploit these insecurities to make a dollar -- and to make women feel like they have to keep buying the products to make them more "beautiful." As most women would know, it's a perpetual and painful cycle. 

  • Suchow says there were countless times she was "late to [her] life" or "missed out on living" because her makeup couldn't cover her acne or still made her feel "ugly."

    "I want to live in a world where girls don't have the same painful insecurities I grew up believing," she wrote. "I want girls and women to know their worth!" 

    "It's this kind of acceptable kitschy shit at Target that hurts us, and that hurts children!" she continued. "It keep us so focused on our external appearance that we don't even show up on time to our lives."

  • In the comments, others agreed with Suchow, and shared how they also thought the makeup bag was "offensive."

    "Oh my god, I kept seeing this slogan on different products and I was SMH since it was so toxic and belittling to people everywhere," another person wrote.

    Another person pointed out how not only does this product's messaging make women feel like their appearance is the most important part of them, but it also teaches others "how they are supposed to look [at] and treat ... women."

  • People called for Target to remove the makeup bag from shelves, and Suchow also tweeted out at Target's Twitter account.

  • Target responded on Twitter, saying that it agreed and the merch team will review the product based on her feedback.

    On Twitter, Suchow thanked Target for the quick reply. "I truly hope your team can see how harmful this language is to women, and be more careful about which products aimed at young girls, teens, and women get approved going forward," she tweeted.

    Here's to hoping that those bags are replaced with a more empowering slogan.

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