50 Times We Were Stunned by Kate Middleton's Jewelry

Kathleen Wong | Jan 29, 2018 Beauty & Style
50 Times We Were Stunned by Kate Middleton's Jewelry
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If there's one person who is sure to have a stunning jewelry collection, it must be Kate Middleton. Having access to the most exquisite and shimmering jewels is one of the top perks of being a princess -- or at least, according to every movie ever. The Duchess of Cambridge always delivers, and she makes her gorgeous jewelry collection blend seamlessly into her timeless and classic sense of style.  

Often, Kate is spotted giving new life to the royal family's heirloom pieces. We wonder if Kate knew that marrying Prince William also meant that she could access her grandmother-in-law's jewelry collection, which is arguably the finest in all of the land -- and not everyone can boast about that perk! Sometimes we even see Kate wear a piece that belonged to the late Princess Diana, which is such a sweet tribute.

But sometimes Kate opts for showing off her own, individual style that everyone knows and loves. In classic -- and literal -- Kate fashion, her jewelry box seems to be comprised of high-end luxury pieces mixed with affordable steals from familiar stores, like Zara. Leave it to Kate to be both practical and stylish -- even when she has the option to wear a legit diamond-encrusted Cartier tiara (that also belongs to a certain Queen Elizabeth). 

For some accessory inspiration, or some serious eye-candy at the very least, click ahead to see 50 times Kate Middleton's jewelry game was on point. (Oh, and prepare to feel at least a little bit of jealousy over the jewels she gets to wear.)

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