50 Black & White Tattoos That Are Starkly Stunning

Michele Zipp | Jan 29, 2018 Beauty & Style
50 Black & White Tattoos That Are Starkly Stunning

black grey tattoo

Colorful tattoos get a a lot of praise for being so dimensional and gorgeous. The shading, the blending, and the illusions colorful tattoos are capable of often overshadow a back-and-white tattoo. But the truth is, black-and-white tattoos are capable of that and so much more. Firstly, everyone knows that  basic black will never go out of style, and that goes for clothing as well as tattoos. It has the ability to be classic and yet so modern and distinctive. To add to the appeal of a black ink tattoo, artists often make incredible use of the negative space and add in a bit of white ink to make the piece pop, which also adds dimension. 

White ink shows up differently depending on a person's skin's pigmentation, and if a person is in the sun a lot -- this goes for all tattoo ink but it's a bit more so when it comes to white. When used right, white ink can mix with color to make the skin an even more stunning canvas. We love the look of white ink over black ink. We are huge fans of the way designs are drawn within other designs with just a bit of white for effect. Sometimes the white ink isn't even really noticeable, but it does add so much to the piece. Hints of white ink can be both subtle and bold, and always look amazing.

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This collection is a testament to the skill of these tattoo artists. There are butterfly designs, birds, animals, flowers, and geometric patterns to inspire those black-and-white tattoo dreams. These designs are diverse in style but all will impress.

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