60 Inspiring Quote Tattoos That Aren't Cheesy

60 Inspiring Quote Tattoos That Aren't Cheesy
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We're all about new beginnings, and while the inspirational quotes found inside our weekly planners and daily journals can help give us that #MondayMotivation, when the going gets tough, sometimes taking that inspirational quote a step further can keep the good vibes going all year long. Sure, motivational plaques or wall decals can bring some good energy to any home or work space, but inspirational quote tattoos can also provide lots of long-term motivation, especially because they are a bit more permanent -- and super pretty to look at.

If getting a tattoo is on the to-do list, know that getting a quote tattoo can be all sorts of inspiring, especially since there are tons of encouraging quotes (from books, TV shows, and movies!) out there that will satisfy almost any personality. 

And whether they are placed on the wrists, arms, or on the back, quote tattoos can be both big or small (we're obsessed with minimalist tattoos, btw) to help give that much-needed motivation on the daily. Another exciting part about quote tattoos is the lettering aspect, as there are a ton of gorgeous script fonts that can help take any quote tattoo to the next level. Yes, we're talking fonts that make the tattoo look like it was typed out from a typewriter or those that appear like the quote was handwritten in ink by the poet.

Looking for the perfect quote tattoo this year? Here are some fab ideas that are sure to take the positive affirmations up a notch. 


  • Be Here Now Quote Tattoo


    In a world full of distractions, it can be tough to stay focused. Reminding us to stay in the present, this minimalist quote tattoo is definitely the grounding thing we all need to hear sometimes.

  • This Too Shall Pass Quote Tattoo


    We all need to be reassured, and sometimes one's self the best person to do the job. Although this gorgeous script quote is placed across the collarbone, it can really be placed anywhere on the body to remind us of its important message.

  • I Was Not Built to Break Quote Tattoo


    Coming off a bad breakup or just weathered a tough storm? Remind everyone that this state of sadness will pass.  This tattoo teaches us the importance of loving and respecting ourselves more.

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  • Still I Rise Quote Tattoo


    Life has a nasty tendency of getting us down, but it is up to use to pick ourselves back up. Inspired by one of Maya Angelou's most famous poems, this quote can always inspire one to keep moving forward. 

  • Through Every Dark Night There Is a Bright Day Quote Tattoo


    Sometimes we all need a little hope -- some of us more than others. And let’s face it: Deep and powerful inspiration never looked better. This is a touching reminder to never give up.

  • Let It Be Quote Tattoo


    Beatles lovers will adore this pretty (and not to mention wise) tattoo idea. The large script brings this short and simple quote to life, and we are living for this expert placement 

  • She Believed She Could So She Did Quote Tattoo


    This tattoo is sure to keep the female forward vibes going strong. For any woman who needs a reminder of how amazing she really is, this little quote  serves as the perfect nudge to remind her to keep going. 

  • Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream Quote Tattoo


    Making a huge career change this year? This tattoo reminds us that sometimes taking that big risk is definitely worth the rewards it will soon reap. So get to it! This is the year.

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  • Have Courage & Be Kind Quote Tattoo


    Disney-obsessed babes will love this Cinderella tattoo which definitely gives off a great message. We love the classic typewriter text that really allows the meaning of the tattoo to shine through and doesn't distract from it. 

  • Without Struggle There Is No Progress Quote Tattoo


    Maybe the struggle is supposed to be real after all. This quote is perfect for anyone who feels they continuously face adversity and work through it for the better. Perhaps it's not as catchy as "no pain, no gain," but we still think a testament to hard work is always worthwhile.

  • Family Quote Tattoo


    Perfect for new moms, this thought-provoking tattoo definitely reminds us of the importance of the family we have in our lives. We love the infinity symbol worked into it, adding extra flair and depth to a simple tattoo. 

  • 'Toy Story' Quote Tattoo


    Another Disney lover’s delight, this quote tattoo can be placed on two different parts of the body to help form an inspiring message when brought together. It's also the perfect way to share a quote tattoo with someone who is a "lifer" of a friend or partner.  

  • Don’t Forget to Love Yourself Quote Tattoo


    This tattoo ought to be a required branding everyone has to get. Self-care is really important, and this tattoo definitely reminds us to take care of ourselves when we need it most.

  • Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On Quote Tattoo


    Meditative mantras can be healing and centering. Letting go of the past can be tough, but this quote tattoo can give us the helpful insight we need when we get stuck on the would have/should haves.

  • Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears Quote Tattoo


    'Cause after all, sometimes faith is all we really have in this life. Sometimes all one needs is to know that there will be someone there to catch them if they fall. For anyone who is religious, this tattoo is truly a special way to show it.

  • White Ink Quote Tattoos


    Looking for a subtle and personal tattoo. White ink quote tattoos can definitely make tattoos look they are engraved in the skin, and that they are a secret message for the tattoo "owner." 

  • One Day at a Time Quote Tattoo


    Although staying 10 steps ahead seems appealing, taking things one step at a time is what this quote is all about. This simple mantra can be applied to almost any facet of life. 

  • Strength Quote Tattoo


    Finding inner strength can be complicated, but hopefully this tattoo can help give that inner push we all need sometimes. What could make this even more motivating? Getting it done in the handwriting of someone close. 

  • Harry Potter-Inspired Quote Tattoo


    Not every single quote tattoo needs to be serious or overtly inspirational. Sometimes it can just be fun. It’s safe to say that this tattoo reminds us to unleash our mischievous side every now and then.  

  • Like a Boss Quote Tattoo


    Got workout or career goals to achieve? This motivational tattoo is sure to keep us in the gym or focused on our passions. Or maybe this is the year to ask for a promotion. Go on, Boss Babe!

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  • But the Fighter Still Remains Quote Tattoo


    This quote tattoo is sure to keep that fighter spirit burning when we need to stand up for ourselves or for others. It's the perfect saying for someone who is determined to get through it all.

  • Never Give Up Quote Tattoo


    Whether it’s on the wrist or on the ankles, this inspirational quote can give us that big burst of fearless energy whenever we need it most. However, we are partial to the wrist, because the tattoo owner can just glance down for a quick reminder. 

  • Lights Will Guide You Home Quote Tattoo


    Music is always a great place to pull quotes from home. The journey may be long, but this Coldplay-inspired tattoo teaches us that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Think Positive Quote Tattoo


    Need more positive vibes this year? Marry faith and optimism together in a tattoo. This inspirational quote can definitely chase away that unwanted negativity.

  • Take a Breath & Be Strong Quote Tattoo


    Perhaps being clear and obvious is the best way to get a message to since in. Sometimes the best thing to do in life is to keep calm and carry on. So take a breathe and move on anyway.

  • Create Yourself Quote Tattoo


    Keep on top of the fitness game this year thanks to this super inspiring tattoo. Or perhaps it's time to start a new hobby or make some more time for self-care. Either way, this tattoo can be a meaningful reminder that we get to choose our destinies.

  • Live a Little Quote Tattoo


    Sometimes the biggest risks in life are the best choices we come to make. And sometimes we need a reminder that life isn't meant to be taken so seriously. This tattoo is a good way to keep in mind that we are here to live life to the fullest.

  • Keep Going Quote Tattoo


    This tattoo totally points out that we all need a big push every now and then. And it also is a good thing to keep in mind when life seems to keep giving us obstacles. To keep going even when things seem their most difficult can seem too hard to try, but this tattoo is a good reminder that it is definitely worth it.

  • Enjoy the Journey Quote Tattoo


    Seriously, life's already a wild ride, so why not enjoy it? Sure, the road can be tough going at times, but really we all need to chill and take a minute to have some fun. We only go around once. 

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  • The Good Memories Are for the Tough Times


    When things are hard it is important to take a minute and remember the good times. It's not that we shouldn't expect there to be moments of sadness or unhappiness throughout our lives, it's that we need to hold tight to the memories that bring us joy to get us through them. Another soulful tattoo that is a good reminder to just keep going.

  • Words Are Our Most Inexhaustible Source of Magic Quote Tattoo


    This inspiring quote tattoo will definitely speak to all the writers out there. And it's really true. Words are the most magical tools we have to create a sparkling and interesting life. 

  • Miles to Go Quote Tattoo


    This quote tattoo reminds us that the long roads of life always lead us to the best destinations. And no matter where we are there is always more time to grow and change.

  • Love Yourself Quote Tattoo


    Whether it’s placed on the arm, or on the back, this quote tattoo definitely gives the pep talk we all need now and then. And it's a good reminder that self-care is always needs to be on the to-do list.

  • I'm the Hero of This Story Quote Tattoo


    Even when the end seems inevitable, this quote tattoo teaches us that the possibilities are still limitless. And really points out that there is no one better able to navigate obstacles than oneself.

  • I Am Not Afraid to Walk This World Alone Quote Tattoo


    Even though it's hard to hear, being alone isn't always a bad thing. In fact, it can be empowering to know that being alone doesn't always equal loneliness. Being comfortable alone is important to being happy, we think.

  • Memento Vivere Tattoo


    This quote tattoo literally translates to remember to live in Latin. And it's truly a good message. It can also mean to live each day to the fullest and not take life so seriously. 

  • Sky Above Me, Earth Below Me, Fire Within Me Quote Tattoo


    Need the sky's the limit kind of inspiration? This deep quote tattoo will certainly do the job. A little motivational reminder is sometimes just the thing took keep those fires burning no matter how far away the goal may seem.

  • Never Lose Hope Tattoo


    Owls are known for being wise creatures, so take a cue from this smart bird and always keep hope close to the heart. This tattoo is another good reminder that hope can carry one through the hard times.

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  • Memory Quote Tattoo


    Loss can be hard, but this quote tattoo idea definitely pays tribute to the loved ones we've lost in life. In fact, that's why tattoos are so special. They can serve as daily reminders of the people we love and the people we will always carry with us.

  • Where Words Fail Music Speaks Quote Tattoo


    Sometimes music speaks louder than words. Or sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to say how one feels. Which is why music is so important and this message is a striking reminder that a musical life is a good one.

  • Flaws Make Perfection Quote Tattoo


    This badass tattoo reminds us to embrace all those flaws we may not be proud of. And to never feel pressure to be perfect. It's all the little oddities of our personalities and bodies that make them truly beautiful.

  • I Will Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow


    Failing upwards is a real thing. Although most of us have to learn the lessons of failure and try to fail better next time. We all aren't perfect, so perhaps we all should be trying to make better mistakes instead.

  • Life Goes On Quote Tattoo


    Even through loss and hardship, this quote tattoo gives the strength to push forward. Life will go on no matter what is happening in the present. This is a good reminder that good times might just lie ahead.

  • Never a Victim, Forever a Fighter Quote Tattoo


    Survivors of life-threatening situations, diseases, or abuse can definitely appreciate this moving quote tattoo idea. It's a good reminder that what's going on outside of us can never put out the flame within.

  • I Refuse to Sink Quote Tattoo


    Another grounding tattoo idea, this clever anchor design can be placed wherever one chooses. People going through a hard time might like this as a reminder to keep fighting and stay afloat.

  • La Vie Est Belle Quote Tattoo


    Life can be challenging at times, but it’s important to remember that it can also be beautiful. Plus, a tattoo in French is always chic. La vie est belle is a good way to maintain some perspective on how wonderful life truly is.

  • Never a Failure, Always a Lesson Quote Tattoo


    Sometimes we all need to the see the positive a little more often in life. Failure is a normal part of life, but the key is to try and keep going even if the effort wasn't a success. Learning to try again with the lessons learned from past failures is the true marker of a champion.

  • Fearless Quote Tattoo


    Even when we’re feeling all sorts of fearful, this quote tattoo reminds us to go through life unafraid. Being brave can seem difficult, but not trying something because of fear is worse than failure. Go. Try. Fail. Try again.

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  • Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Quote Tattoo


    No matter the obstacles, a wild heart can always pull through the worst.  And there is something truly freeing about being a woman who can't be tamed. But of course, a wandering heart never risks being hurt.

  • Imperfection Is Beauty Madness Is Genius Quote Tattoo


    Marilyn Monroe couldn't have said it better. And the rest of the quote is pretty awesome too. It goes, "and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." So never be boring and embrace flaws.

  • I Am Enough Quote Tattoo


    On those days when self-doubt screams too loudly, a quick glance at this tat will silence it. Striving to do more, be more, or heck, even make more money is constantly reminder, but this keeps in check that need to always be looking elsewhere.

  • So Much to Look Forward to Quote Tattoo


    This is a simple but beautiful reminder that, no matter what happens, the best days of life are still ahead. Life is wonderful and there are so many more highs and lows that have yet to be seen. The great adventure begins!

  • We Are All Unique Quote Tattoo


    It's the message Dr. Seuss always tried to give us when we were kids, only much more stylish and eloquent. Owning all the strange and wonderful ways we are different is the only way to keep the bad vibes banished.

  • I Won't Give Up Quote Tattoo


    A good message for the fighter's out there: Never quit. That's the message behind this elegant quote that's perfect for whatever battle someone is tackling. Even when it's hard and even when it seems like it would be easier to stop, never give up.

  • No Rain, No Flowers Quote Tattoo


    Sometimes the best things in life come from the biggest challenges we face and there are no good times without the bad. Today we plant the seeds that will grow tomorrow's flowers.

  • One Life Quote Tattoo


    Life is short, and we only get one. This tattoo is a reminder to make each day count. Plus the flower is a good reminder that life blooms, blossoms, and then dies -- life is fleeting. So don't waste a minute.

  • Learn to Roar Quote Tattoo


    This one is a pretty reminder with a powerful meaning. Don't be silent. Don't stay quiet because it feels safe. Be heard and don't let silence do the talking. As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • Walk Through the Fire Quote Tattoo


    This one is a permanent reminder that how we deal with adversity is what shows us who we truly are. It's safer to stay out of the flame completely, but putting oneself through trials, heartbreak, and set back are the only ways to get to somewhere great.

  • A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor Quote Tattoo


    This is another clever way of saying it's the hard times in life that make us stronger. And we grow each time we take on a new challenge. Plus if it was easy, we probably wouldn't want to do it anyway, right? It'd look even cooler with a little anchor.

  • Caring Less Creates Happiness Quote Tattoo


    Caring is good, but not when it forces us to change who we are to make other people happy. Sometimes, it's OK to care less. Or in other words, it's OK to not care so much about others, that the self is forgotten.

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