These Highlighters Look Just Like Shimmery Poop & They're Prettier Than Expected


Have you always dreamed of smearing shimmery poop on your face? Probably not, but now you can have it anyway, thanks to a series of highlighters that looks eerily like the poop emoji. Maybe it was only a matter of time until we got to this point.

  • They're the whipped highlighters from indie beauty brand Clean Slate Cosmetics, and each pot retails for $16.50.

    These vegan and cruelty-free highlighters have a whipped consistency that means they will dissolve into your skin and leave a "matte glowing effect." They can also be used on the eyes and lips. 

    There are seven shades available: Ziana Glow, an iridescent violent; Blue Flame, an iridescent blue; Clover Glow, an iridescent jade; Glazed Donut, which has a caramel-tone; Golden Flame, an iridescent gold; Indaglow, which starts off violet and then shifts into blue; and Melanin Glow, a golden bronzer for medium to deep skin tones. 

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  • But that swirly shape of the highlighter is too reminiscent of the poop emoji for some people to ignore.

    "Highlighter so strong even your doody will glow," another person commented

  • This promotional video from the brand definitely doesn't help its case either.

    But is it all just a shimmery gimmick?

  • Beauty guru Tati Westbrook, aka glamlifeguru on social media, spotted the highlighters and put them to the test.

    She described the consistency as squishy and "straight foamy." 

  • But when she swatched the highlighters, she admitted they were "really, really pretty. Look at that shine."

    She also noted that only a tiny bit of the highlighter goes a long way.

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  • Move over, boring compacts. We might just be adding some poop-shaped makeup into our beauty routine now.

    Who would've guessed?