30 Easy Minimalist Manicures Busy Moms Can Do Themselves


We’re definitely a sucker for some killer nail art (geometric and body part designs, anyone?), as we could go on forever about how much time we waste scrolling through the #nailsdid hashtag on Instagram. And while some over-the-top nail looks leave us absolutely breathless, there’s something truly intriguing about minimalist manicures, as they give off a prim and polished look which is anything but ostentatious.

And while minimalist manicures may seem like a cool girl or salon-only kind of thing, thankfully there are tons of helpful YouTube tutorials and Pinterest photo guides to help achieve this seemingly versatile look. Even better news is that a lot of these simple and pretty minimalist manicure looks are anything but time-consuming, making it ideal for all us busy moms who have zero time (and not to mention patience) to bring the kiddos to all those manicure appointments. To get this highly coveted nail look, we looked through YouTube and Pinterest to find some great tutorials that won’t take up a great deal of time to create. Plus, some of these ridiculously easy manicure ideas use some eye-opening (and not to mention game-changing) techniques that will make polish application a lot more interesting going forward. Seriously, one nail idea listed here makes us want to use cotton-swabs (and bobby pins) on all our future DIY manis.

La Creme/YouTube

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